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Last Chance To Get pre-Construction Prices on Trump in The mid-$600's LOL

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Nothing official but according to WhistlerinMuskoka in SSP,
"April 11th is the last day to take advantage of the pre-construction pricing. Ground will break this December which will put Toronto back on top of the tallest building u/c in Canada over Vancouver."

Cheers! :cheers:
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This doesn't necessarily mean its gonna get built. It could very much be a marketing ploy. But I do doubt that people are gonna rush to the sales office and buy a $650,000 condo.
I wonder how this project would have done in Vancouver. It's shocking how their market could substain such ridiculous price-levels. Luckily, real estate prices still aren't skyhigh like Sydney, Australia.
No marketing ploy. Prices on The Residences have been increased across the board by about an average of 8%. This is the first price increase for The Residences we have had since we opened for sales last summer.

As a courtesy, until April 11th we offering people who have registered with us by March 31st the opportunity to buy at the ORIGINAL pre-construction prices for The Residences only (pre-April 1st pricing). Obviously, until construction begins... prices will still be "pre-construction."

Prices on the hotel condominiums however have been steady increasing as available inventory decreases (i.e. many of the lower-floor, less-expensive suites have been purchased). The least expensive hotel condominium available right now is $678,000.

Interestingly, 3 of the 5 Trump Executive (our most expensive hotel condominiums) suites have been purchased.
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If sales continue to go well, any chance supply will be increased?
"Interestingly, 3 of the 5 Trump Executive (our most expensive hotel condominiums) suites have been purchased."

NOW that is great (shocking actually) news
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