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Hello Everyone,

Me and my Friend have established an online business that sells kitchen gadgets -

You can see view our products at

Any tips and ideas would be welcomed for improvement

thank you
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i suppos you studied the idea ,market and the type of prodcuts good , ,

work ok your social media link , , they will bring people to your site and vise versa
work on your shipping methods and prices your system can ship to iraq for free )) are you sure ? ;)

products should be more , , and can be much more
and the site should have something make people prefer it "if" they want to buy such prodcuts , , what is it ? and yeah the "Why Purchase LazyChefGadgets" is good )

good luck )
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add it to the site , , i cant see it on the website . .the (follow us)
and my notes based on site visiting , ,
+ if you want to give more trust + to look more prof use email with official domain not your yahoo one
i didn't check your host but i think it include at least 1-3 email domains to make.
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thanks bro - thats true i need to add the link on the website
whats your opinion on joining groups on facebook that promote Kitchen gadgets, cooking?

should i join these groups in order to promote the business online?
If you're not amazon, you're not making money.
It can be [email protected] or something similar
i don't have a lot info about your market , ,

so i don't know alot about how groups and stuff work there
but in general fb group for example here in iraq can work much better than any regular website . .
its not professional thing yes since its based for individuals , , but here it makes miracles for sellers

If you're not amazon, you're not making money.
i suppse he studied all methods , , ebay/amazon and any other options
lets hope he studied it good and has 1-2 year plan at least

anyway i think you should add more and more products . . or some unique ones
and agian website should have somthing special , , what, , i dont know

you can fb ads (10-15$) or google ones . .

you already paid your host and domain , , at least for a year so it will not hurt to try within it and get some experience
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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