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If you're an architect or a designer, then you most definitely find out about the modern architecture pioneer, Le Corbusier. You probably find out about his Villa Savoye (this villa showcases what're typically called Le Corbusier's 5 Points of Architecture), Ronchamp Chapel, the Modulor, and his unrealized plan for the Radiant Town, but did you know that the popular architect hasn't really studied architecture? Or that there is a banknote carrying his picture? Check these exciting facts about the popular architect. Unfortunately, some of them may allow you to down.

1. The architect's actual title is Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, but he named himself Le Corbusier in 1920. The title is an alternative of his grandfather's title, Lecorbésier. Adopting an individual title was common among musicians back the time.

2. Le Corbusier never had conventional academic knowledge in architecture.He taught himself by examining publications, visiting museums, and illustrating buildings. He told the BBC in 1951 "I'm anti-school. I'm planning to confess for your requirements that I left college at 13 since colleges were very suggest in the past, these were no fun."

3. Le Corbusier and his nephew Pierre Jeanneret designed a car, in 1936, and named it Voiture Minimum. They defined it as a "smart vehicle for maximum functionality." The car was never, really, manufactured, but the architect was persistent so it encouraged the Volkswagen Beetle.

4. In 1944, Le Corbusier accepted an urban planning position made available from the French Vichy government which supported Nazi German. He was to work on the redesign of a number of towns including Algiers. However, his plans were rejected and he decided to withdraw from political life.

What city did Le Corbusier design?
5. Le Corbusier designed India's first planned town, following the country's independence, in the 1950s. His style for the city was predicated on his ideas for the Radiant City. He, also, designed a number of administrative buildings for the Chandigarh. Even though the city's style was very significant, particularly in the former Soviet Union, it was criticized if you are pedestrian-

6. Surrealist painter Salvador Dali defined Le Corbusier's buildings as “the ugliest and most improper buildings in the world,” following the latter's demise in 1965. Dali continued his ‘mourning'by expressing that Le Corbusier's demise filled him by having an “immense joy” and contacting him a “pitiable person in strengthened concrete.” However, that never ended Dali from putting flowers on the late architect's serious: “on usually the one hand I detested him but on one other hand I'm a total coward.”

7.The Swiss-French architect and his performs are featured on the Swiss 10 franc banknote, and you will find roads in Canada and Argentine named following him.

Source: Le Corbusier
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