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Le Sky Dragon 50 pour le Maroc

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Morocco introduced a new air defense system into the arsenal of the Royal Armed Forces, the medium-range air defense system "Sky Dragon 50" from China was introduced .

The system was brought in last December, after last year Morocco sent a number of officers and technicians from the Royal Artillery, radar specialists and air defense systems to China to train on the Chinese system, one of the most modern defense systems in the world.

The Chinese system can engage with 12 targets at the same time from 50 kilometers and height up to 20 kilometers.

The system consists of a three-dimensional search radar with a range of 150 kilometers, a command and control unit, a reloading unit and three missile launchers, each capable of firing four surface-to-air missiles.

The system is especially used to protect vital installations and land formations from various air threats such as attack helicopters, drones, fighter jets and cruise missiles, especially since the system can strike a very low target at a height of only 30 meters.

Military cooperation between Morocco and China is growing significantly, with the latter, along with medium-range air defense, incorporating more sophisticated systems.

Since the pre-recent deal, which has also included short-range air defense systems, medium-range missile launchers, tanks and radars, the Moroccan-Chinese military relations have become more strategic and will also include the transfer of some of China's military technology to Morocco.
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The Sky Dragon 50 also called GAS2 is a Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Defense missile system designed and manufactured by the Chinese Defense Company NORINCO (China North Industries Corporation). The Sky Dragon was unveiled for the first time during the AAD Defense Exhibition of South Africa in September 2014. The Sky Dragon 50 is the latest generation of air defence missile system developed by Norinco which has a maximum firing range of 50 km. According the Chinese military magazine Kanwa, the Chinese Defense Company NORINCO has exported its new medium-range surface-to-air defense missile system to Rwanda. This country is the first foreign customer for the Sky Dragon 50.
4 missiles DK-10/SD-10A

Country users

Designer Country

Command and control vehicles
- IBIS 150 3D target designation radar
- One command post
- on reloader truck


Killing probability
>= 0.80

Detection range
130 km

Missile range
3 to 50 km

Missile altitude
30m to 20 km

Capacity of engagement
4 different targets simultaneously
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