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Least Busiest Interstate in an urban area?:)

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In the downtown Area:

Inside the City Limits:

In the Metro Area:

Use the aboved to tell us your answers, remember to list the metro area. Only Interstates. Please debeat if you dont think the answer posted by anyone is right.

In Chicago.

In the downtown Area:proabaly stevenson( I-55)

Inside the City Limits: I-57

In the Metro Area: I- 80.

You could debeat about my choices, you could say, In the metro area, it is I-355,
in the city limits, its I-190(only 2 miles long that enters O'hare)

please say why like "its I-190 because its a short interstate that only go into O'hare, or I-65, because I-65 enters Gary, and nobody want to go into Gary.
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I dont know where to find this information concrete... but while traffic is at a dead halt on most expressways in Cincinnati, the western end of the 275 never has anyone on it ... 74 is never really that bad either.
without information, just what u think everyday when you are out on the road, or hearing traffic reports.
In Louisville
In the Downtown area: I-64 towards the west end
In the City Limits: Shawnee Expwy (west end)
In the Metro Area: I-71 in N.Oldham-Trimble
The East Freeway I-10 in Houston (eastside).
i-990 in buffalo was never crowded when i've been on it.
We just tore one down (the park east freeway), so I'm guessing that was pretty dead...
is that the I-794?
Azn_chi_boi said:
is that the I-794?

No it was the Park East Freeway (State Hwy 145)
Azn_chi_boi said:
In the Metro Area: I- 80.
I'm not so sure about I-80, at least where it is the Borman in Indiana--I ALWAYS avoid it because of the construction and resulting traffic. Whenever I take I-90 from Gary to the Dan Ryan, I usually have the whole road to myself. Skyway gets my vote.
I don't know off the top of my head, but I notice one's that don't see that much congestion.

In Charlotte, I-77 in SC (the new 8 lane section), I-77 north of I-85, usually not too bad until you get to the lane drop, same thing with I-85... usually smooth sailing until you get to the Speedway. Now I-77 in the center of town (the curvy outdated 6-lane road) is always congested and slow during rush hour. 485 is clear on the new sections, except for the section between I-77 and NC-16/Providence Rd, well actually US 74.

For DC, uhh, I would have to say the Dulles Toll Road/Greenway from my own personal observations. 66, 95, 495, 270, 395, and Route 50 are always congested when I'm up there.
LosAngelesSportsFan said:
in LA - None! :mad: :mad2: :wallbash:
Nah, I'd say I-105 is the least busiest. You don't hear about that many accidents on it, unlike the rest of em where it seems like theres 10 accidents a day.
I would agree with what you said Azn_chi_boy. As long as you don't say IL-53, 90, 94, 90/94 or 290 I think any other road in Chicago metro is up for debate. 65 might be a good choice, but I dont really consider that road in the metro much, although I'm sure there will be quite an argument.
That stretch of I-65 is Gary is always least everytime I have been there. It is the main entrance to Chicago from Indiana & Kentucky.

I-74 on Indy's southeast side is probably the least traveled.
I-65 north of I-80/I-90, because the only reason to go north of there is to get on the Skyway(I-90) or to downtown Gary, which people rarely go towards.
dwrecker said:
The East Freeway I-10 in Houston (eastside).
Traffic on the East Freeway is picking up with more housing developments out west. It starts to show just before you get to John Ralston Road.
In St. Louis, any interstate on the Illinois side of the metro area.
In comparison with other KC area freeways, Interstate 70 on the Kansas side pretty much stays wide open, even during peak travel times. Also the northern and western legs of Interstate 435 are often barren and desolate, as opposed to the eastern and southern legs where heavy traffic is not uncommon into late night hours. In addition, Interstate 670 between Kansas and Missouri doesn't see as much traffic as Interstate 35 from the wealthy suburban southwest (or the often ignored but fast-growing north) or Interstate 70 from points east in suburban Jackson County (not to mention through traffic from St. Louis).
Toledo has I-475, 75, 80 & 90--they are heavily used but rarely at a halt unless there's an accident. Since Toledo is in between Detroit/Cincinnati and Chicago/Cleveland--there's a lot of traffic (cars and trucks) going through Toledo.
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