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Lebanese Chat: News, Events, Popular Culture, etc...

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I thought this thread would be a great addition to the Lebanon sub-forum. This way instead of getting off topic in other threads, here we have a place to discuss and debate in a civil manner issues of interest to the Lebanese community in Lebanon and around the world.

Anything can be brought up in thread really as long as it is appropriate; we can discuss popular culture relating to Lebanon and the Lebanese community.

Also, as always, non-Lebanese forumers are more than welcome.
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^^ I know!! I wonder if he's taken any pix of towers in leb! maybe we can invite him to b a member...
:( working and taking 9 credits
meet me on msn ;)
Hassoun said:
Well,lebanon is hosting the 2009 asian winter games.The stadium of sannine zenith sould be complete by that time.

there not hosting that any more they changed year n Location but there still hosting Francophone Games
I am comming to lebanon on the 9th of this month :sleepy:
Cool smussuw :)Welcome,Ahla w sahla :)
Hey people, I just found this dvd at my parents' of a lebanese movie on the civil war, "west beirut", have you guys seen it? And if so, is it good? is it accurate?
^^ It is one of the best lebanese movies EVER!!!! its very accurate (historically and in terms to the people's reactions/thoughts/etc)
but I should tell u now that if ur not familiar with the proceedings of the war, ur gonna have a hard time with it. my cousin (born and raised in the states) had no clue what was going on ... its like a story with large historical gaps ...
anyways enjoy it!
Hey everyone, Im just checking in from Lebanon...

Why dont we start posting this stuff in the Cafe and close this thread?
^^ good idea (oops! ;) )

Copyright (c) 2006 The Daily Star

Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Lebanon becomes 'Point of Peace on Earth' on Byblos' 7,000th birthday

Daily Star staff

BEIRUT: Lebanon became the seventh Point of Peace on Earth and one of 198 other participants in a Worldwide Peace Marker Project on the occasion of Byblos' 7,000th anniversary. To mark the event, Culture Minister Tarek Mitri and the mayor of Jbeil (as Byblos and its surroundings are now known), Gino Kallab, unveiled a Peace Marker Lebanon sculpture in the garden of the International Center for Human Sciences - UNESCO, Jbeil.

Mitri said the center had been constructed by the Lebanese government with UNESCO cooperation before it became a joint center.

"We are re-examining the cooperation equation between us and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, but this cooperation will stay even if it takes a different form," he added.

"The center's program was reviewed and it is currently specialized in making comparative studies about democracy and the diversity of cultures," the minister said.

Painter Salwa Zeidan, who was chosen as "Peace Ambassador to Lebanon," said that the event aimed to promote a "sense of loving and striving to establish peace" among young generations in the country.

"Lebanon is in dire need to establish peace, end war, start development and build human beings," Zeidan added.

Musical composer Elias Rahbani performed a song dedicated to "peace and love" before stressing the importance of respecting the values of tolerance, forgiveness and love.

Poet Henry Zogheib praised Byblos as the "oldest inhabited city in history."

"The first house was built with polished stones on seven pillars that represented the seven pillars of wisdom; the first temple and the first wall against invasion were built in Byblos," Zogheib said.

The city was also "the first Phoenician capital, which Qadmos visited to take the blessing of its priests before sailing across the world to spread the alphabet," he added. - The Daily Star

Copyright (c) 2006 The Daily Star

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