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Lebanon’s former beauty queen wants to be messenger of peace

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Lebanon’s former beauty queen wants to be messenger of peace

By Mary Nammour

2 June 2007

DUBAI — A former Lebanese beauty queen and a media personality, who moved to Dubai recently in the wake of the recent bloodshed in her country, is determined to send a message of peace to the warring factions back home.

In an interview with Khaleej Times, former Miss Lebanon Sawsan Al Sayyed shared her views on the uncertainty prevailing in Lebanon and and her plans to contribute to peace-making efforts.

“What I want most is to support the children. I am very disappointed because of what is happening in Lebanon. I am so worried about my friends and my relatives back home. The situation has become really dangerous. I dislike politics and I don’t trust politicians. We as media figures should do what they have failed to achieve.”

She added, “I am very upset because each summer some ill-willed people ignite trouble to disrupt the summer tourism season. Instead of tourists coming to Lebanon, it’s the Lebanese who are seeking shelter in other countries.”

Host of Malekat (Misses) TV show on Hiya Channel (Arab women’s channel) for more than a year and a half, Sawsan has interviewed more than 100 ladies and 100 special guests from all over the Arab world, Lebanon, in particular.

“We address sensitive issues in the TV show and each episode is dedicated to a different topic. Children, orphans, prisoners and beauty and health are among the most important topics featured in her programme. Teaching the new generation how not to get carried away with fame is one of the messages the show seeks to send through former beauty queens’ “experiences”.

Sawsan strongly believes that women should play an active role in the development of society. “She is more important than the man and beauty alone is not enough. A beautiful lady should have culture and intelligence. A woman’s good looks are a mere passport that facilitates many things in her life, but in the absence of other qualities, beauty is meaningless and shallow,” she says.

Having been decorated with Lebanese Merit Medal for her contribution to sport and media activities, Sawsan also received the key of Miami City when she took part in Miss Universe Pageant. She used to be the chief player in Lebanon’s volleyball team and a sport journalist.

She has organised more than 500 art and beauty pageants in Lebanon and other countries.

Owner of Al Sawsan Agency for modelling, Sawsan has exclusive rights to organise Miss Earth, Miss Asia, Miss Pacific and Miss Intercontinental pageants.
For Sawsan, beauty and fitness go together.
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^^ Can anyone post a picture of her?
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