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Lebanon's Summer Festivals

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Italy's Muti to launch Lebanon summer festivals

BEIT MERI, Lebanon (AFP) - Italian conductor Riccardo Muti is to launch a season of summer festivals in Lebanon that were scrapped last year because of the Israel-Hezbollah war, organisers announced on Thursday.

Muti is to conduct his orchestra at the Roman temples of the eastern city of Baalbek before playing the piano at a concert during the Beiteddine Festival near Beirut, they told AFP.

The dates and details of the festivals are to be announced in coming weeks.

Tourism Minister Joseph Sarkis said that all four of Lebanon's major annual art festivals would take place this summer despite the country's domestic political crisis.

Sarkis was speaking at a press conference in the resort town of Beit Meri, east of Beirut, together with representatives of the main four annual international festivals: Baalbek, Beiteddine, Byblos and Tyre.

"We invite foreigners and Arabs to come in large numbers to spend the summer in Lebanon and attend the varied programmes of the internationally reknowned festivals," said Sarkis.

"We want to change the image of Lebanon with an international media campaign in order to attract tourists again," he said.

Last year, all four festivals were cancelled after Israel launched on July 12 a massive military offensive following the capture of two of its soldiers by the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

The Israeli onslaught destroyed much of Lebanon's infrastructure and sent foreigners fleeing from the country which had been expecting a record year in tourism revenues.

Nora Jumblatt, president of the festival held in the 19th century Beiteddine Palace, told AFP: "Some of the (foreign) artists and bands are a bit afraid, but all in all, it will be fine."

May Arida, president of the Baalbek International Festival, said she did not expect "any difficulties in Baalbek," a stronghold of Hezbollah.

"Local authorities (traditionally close to Hezbollah) have written letters to the ministries of tourism and interior to express their backing for the festival," she said.

Last year, Lebanon had been due to host concerts by Lebanese diva Fairuz, English rock band Deep Purple, jazz legend Barbara Hendricks and Liza Minnelli.
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Can't wait for the 4 festivals full program :banana:
let's hope Nasrallah doesn't start a new war ...
The rules on the ground have changed ...he would have to get past UNIFIL and possibly the Leb Army..I wish i can attend Baalbeck with Fairouz..while i still can
Lebanon's festival organizers insist shows will go on despite crisis

Lebanon's festival organizers insist shows will go on despite crisis

Daily Star staff
Friday, May 11, 2007

BEIRUT: The organizers of Lebanon's major summer music festivals at Baalbek, Beiteddine, Byblos and Tyre insisted Thursday they would hold their events despite the political instability. Tourism Minister Joseph Sarkis asked a crowd gathered at Beit Mery's Al-Bustan Hotel if it would be appropriate to celebrate culture in these uncertain times, then answered his own question: yes, followed by allusions to the restorative powers of the arts.

Though May Arida and Nora Jumblatt of Baalbek and Beiteddine, respectively, sounded courageous notes at Al-Bustan, neither festival has finalized its lineup. Baalbek is the only event so far to announce its dates, July 22 to August 25. The festival will open with a night of classical music courtesy of Riccardo Mutti and the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra and Choir. The only other confirmed act is the Caracalla dance troupe, which will perform its "Villager's Opera." The piece was meant to be the grand finale for last year's Baalbek festival, which was cancelled, along with all of the other festivals, when the war broke out in Lebanon last summer.

Organizers at Baalbek say they will announce the full festival line-up on June 1. Organizers at Beiteddine and Byblos say they will confirm their dates at the end of this month. Meanwhile Karim Ghattas of the festival Liban Jazz has yet to confirm his summer plans, though he continues to organize periodic, peripatetic events around Lebanon. - The Daily Star
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Tiesto in Lebanon

I have heard news about Tiesto performing in Lebanon at Eddie Sands beach on July the 2nd. I have not verified the news yet because on Tiesto's website the link for the tour dates is not opening. I hope this is true since he is with no doubt one of the best DJ's in the world. Does anyone know anything about this or any other activities that will be held in Lebanon this summer.
^^ Dates not released yet.
i love Tiesto !. ^^ what do you mean his site says July 2 eddie Sands beach looks like an awesome venue for his performance !
He preformed in Solidere the convention center there..(forgot the name) was a major event last year oir the year b4...He loves Lebanon

mon 2 july @ Edde Sands!
thats brilliant! i'm gona be in lebanon!! how much were the tickets the last time he visited lebanon?
estimate between $ 20-30 for the regular tickets.

This is probably one of the "only in Lebanon" things since usually at concerts there are regular tickets then VIP and VVIP.

As for this time I would estimate the same thing for the regular except that the venue is smaller so that might be a factor
Beitiddine festval lin-up is now known,,,mm not bad this year.
how about baalbeck,byblos and the other festivals???
are deep purple playing this year? or any rock bands?
Beiteddine Festival

Plasticiens Volants
Magida Al Roumi
Nigel Kennedy
Karima Skalli
Riccardo Muti
Ozomatu Group
Kazem Al Safer
Camnut Band
Raymond Yazbeck
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Looks like Shakria is still coming to Lebanon
Has any information been announced for the other festivals?
Baalbek Festival announced so far 2 events:

- Sunday July 22nd 2007

- Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd & Saturday August 4th 2007
THE VILLAGER’S OPERA! (Koullouna Min Loubnan)

more details at
how dose the Baalbeck festival uselly goes for ?
^^ It's great.. in addition to the good performers it's especially because of the stage being in the old temples.. you'll feel you were brought back in time
when i went to Baalbeck i went when they were setting up the stages there is a few allround the complex with really tall Towers full of Lights
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