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Leeds Rhinos - Super League

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Thought I'd start a new thread as we don't have one for this season.

Anyways a lot of the talk over the last five weeks has been centred on St Helens and Castleford. During that time leeds have chipped away after after the two games this Easter weekend are now top of the pile. The thing that's impressed me the most however is the points conceded, 82 in the first 10 games mean 8.2 points per game. The talk at the start of the season was our backs and their attacking threat but the forwards efforts to keep the scores down has been superb. It's also nice to hear McDermott say that now we are top we want to stay there and lead the way in the league.

Going forward though we now have one hell of a run of games to prove what we are capable of. Starting with St Helens in the cup next week then on to Wigan (H), Cas (A), Wigan (MW), Hull (H), Warrington (A) and Huddersfield (H) in the league.
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Pretty tough May!! Really thought we'd be beginning to struggle by now with the age of some of the squad but seems we've another couple of years with the current crop in their peak.
Not sure we've had a decent test yet but May should be a good indicator!
BBC 1 Saturday afternoon for the game against Saints - should be good!
Looked good yesterday although Saints made it easy at times. Bit of a wobble in second half but looking good for a cup run now.
Again I don't think we played to our best yesterday yet still a managed to outclass Stains. One issue though being Burrow is out for a fair few weeks with a broken collar bone. I'd maybe give young Robbie Ward a go at hooker seen as Aiton is still a few weeks away too
Great win last night against a good Wigan team. We still have a lot of tough games to come with a potential second versus first against Castleford on Thursday.
Think this will be the year the challenge cup jinx goes away. The draws is pretty nicely set up.
I managed to catch the game on Friday via stream.

What a superb game and matched by a great atmosphere. Beating Wigan after their 8 consecutive winning streak great performance all round.

It's criminal the way this game is snubbed by the media...
The BBC Sport Homepage is typical of the way the sport is treated in England. Above the red line the Sport Homepage with direct links to different sports in the tabs at the top. Below the red line the Sport Homepage with the 'All Sport' tab opened where you'll find Rugby League buried beneath Olympic Sport:

I remember when Leeds last won the Super League it didn't even make the secondary headlines on the Sport Homepage.
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totally agree greg, its a total joke how rugby league is pretty much ignored.
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So far so good in this run of tough games. Last night was a tough old game, they don't like us darn t'lane and they always put up a good fight. Conditions did allow Leeds to play the usual expansive game but we rode the first half and the extra few days rest allowed us to nil Cas in the second half. A special mention for Jamie Peacock, who at 36 played the full 80 minutes at prop. I especially liked the after match interview with Brian McDermott who explained he had wanted to take Peacock off for a rest, however when the trainer ran on the pitch to tell him he was coming off he was simply told "NO" by JP. I'm slowly starting to realise JP isn't actually human and was sent back in time by Skynet!

Big game now against Wigan next week at Magic Weekend. Will be a tough old game I expect but Wigan seem to be carrying a few injuries and whether they'll be back for the game will be interesting.
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Finally someone has seen sense and there will now be buses every 20 minutes from 6pm from Leeds train station to Headingley stadium. Buses will also run back after the game. These will be none stop and will begin running this Thursday and for every home game for the remainder of the season. Cost will be £2 e/w for adults (same price as on First) and £1 for kids. Ironically however they bus company running these services will be Yorkshire Tiger. Wonder if they fancy rebranding in Leeds to Yorkshire Rhino
Great news and one for the common sense brigade that!

In other news JP got a £300 fine for a punch in the Leigh game, Cat B offence.
Yeah I've said they've needed something for a long time. Will also take a lot of burden off the otley road and cardigan road services too

Hardaker has been banned for five games and fined for a grade E charge if using homophobic language against a player. Big daft lad syndrome strikes again
Good news, although it does highlight the inadequacy of the Harrogate line to provide enough trains to/from the stadium. Apparently the theory has always been that by having two stations further away spreads the congestion rather than having one station near the stadium.

I'd suggest a long term plan of opening a Headingley Stadium halt and serving it only on match days with shuttle services into Leeds City. ie the same as at Manchester United Football Ground station.
Should happen, wont happen, local rail is a joke. Should have been one of these at Elland road years ago.
was fantastic, watched it all the way down under, the boys were total professionals and fully deserved the victory, and Ryan Hall was the the correct choice for the Lance Todd trophy.. Well done the Rhino's....
I've finally seen a Leeds team win at Wembley. Never thought I'd see the day!
What a win, and what a day. Still very tired now though.
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