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Leeds United - The Championship - 2012/13

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Okay, so what are people's predictions for the forthcoming season?

Realistically, I cannot see us finishing higher than mid-table this season, due to the expected departures of a number of key personnel and the lack of quality brought in so far.

That said I am fairly confident that we'll be solid in defence this year but I am a little worried about where the goals are going to come from and our ability to keep possession in the centre of the park.

I'm more optimistic that the takeover will happen but again, cautious on a number of fronts; amount of funds available, and overall vision for the club. We've all seen what has happened at Blackburn and Portsmouth. Hopefully, the dismissal of Bates and his bitch Harvey will encourage the likes of Snodgrass and McCormack to stay for a little longer.

Anyway, I in the end we'll finish in a less than inspiring 9th place.
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According to a discussion last night with a friend who has an acquaintance with the administrators who still have involvement in LUFC (sounds tenuous?), it is very much alive and will be concluded imminently (within days). Apparently, the investment will be very significant leading to Leeds being one of the richest clubs in the country (bated breath).

It also appears that the due diligence is straightforward, even thoug Bates is an odious bastard who has dragged the club through as much negative publicity as possible with his lack of transparency.

This piece in the Gulf News doesn't add anything to the speculation already happening, but demonstrates it's still alive
Can I spot the Milan players handing out used notes?
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