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Leeds United - The Championship - 2012/13

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Okay, so what are people's predictions for the forthcoming season?

Realistically, I cannot see us finishing higher than mid-table this season, due to the expected departures of a number of key personnel and the lack of quality brought in so far.

That said I am fairly confident that we'll be solid in defence this year but I am a little worried about where the goals are going to come from and our ability to keep possession in the centre of the park.

I'm more optimistic that the takeover will happen but again, cautious on a number of fronts; amount of funds available, and overall vision for the club. We've all seen what has happened at Blackburn and Portsmouth. Hopefully, the dismissal of Bates and his bitch Harvey will encourage the likes of Snodgrass and McCormack to stay for a little longer.

Anyway, I in the end we'll finish in a less than inspiring 9th place.
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Warnock looks to be putting together a solid side. Definitely focusing on the defence which last years was the biggest weakness. We need a couple of quality attacking players but I'm not sure where they are going to come from. You don't get promoted from the Championship by playing like Barcalona though. It's about being tough to beat and winning the tough games which is exactly what his track record is.

I think we have a good chance although there are some big names in there this season.

As far as the takeover goes, it depends which way the winds blowing on which rumour you believe. Its not investment or else it would be done by now. Mega bucks does not always equal mega spend so some people may be getting a little carried away in their hopes and dreams. It's not going to be Man City part II. Bates out, Harvey out and someone with money to buy back the ground, Thorpe Arch and build a team that stays in the Premiership would be the best thing to happen.

The club seems to have lost its connection to its bigges asset - the fans. Winning those back will be the biggest priority for a new owner. They are n danger of losing an entire generation to other clubs which in the long run will be extremely damaging.

List of upcoming fixtures

Okay, so what are people's predictions for the forthcoming season?

To quote an alleged "in the know" person on another site "don't worry about the money"

Investment is precisely the reason why this is good though. They see Leeds as an opportunity to make money. To do that they will have to invest in the club and increase its value as a business which can only be a good thing considering recent history. They will invest in the key areas that promote return on their expenditure. The main ones being the two biggest income streams - the team on the pitch and the fans in the ground. There is already some evidence that they are fronting a friendly face on twitter and the wider internet and I'm pretty convinced we will see an entirely different club in the coming months.

They key will be who they appoint to run the club. They need someone with football knowledge to guide the club back to the premiership. It's no surprise that the vice CEO of GFH is a lifelong Leeds fan along with one of the rumoured Sheikes involved but they will need someone with experiance. Look at Leicester - proof that a pot of gold does not always equal promotion.

Add in the fact that Captain Birdseye Bates is a month away from being right royally hung out to dry with the FA and (potentially) the courts it's only a good thing that's happening.

Bates saved the club - that there is no doubt but his track record over the last 7 years is poor to say the least and it's clear he has just about lost the plot now with his crazy rumblings and slanderous comments.

Actually, one of my biggest worries is that this is a banking group. It's an investment to them, they cannot be seen to throw shareholders money around... unless it was one of our banks
I think the money is coming from a third party. There's been loads of stories of multiple parties being involved then not be involved, and then involved again in various combinations. No one will know until it's complete.

Life without Bates / Harvey will be progress for me.
At least when Norwich get relegated they know they will have a squad with a proven track record of promotion from league 1 :lol:
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