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Leeds United - The Championship - 2012/13

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Okay, so what are people's predictions for the forthcoming season?

Realistically, I cannot see us finishing higher than mid-table this season, due to the expected departures of a number of key personnel and the lack of quality brought in so far.

That said I am fairly confident that we'll be solid in defence this year but I am a little worried about where the goals are going to come from and our ability to keep possession in the centre of the park.

I'm more optimistic that the takeover will happen but again, cautious on a number of fronts; amount of funds available, and overall vision for the club. We've all seen what has happened at Blackburn and Portsmouth. Hopefully, the dismissal of Bates and his bitch Harvey will encourage the likes of Snodgrass and McCormack to stay for a little longer.

Anyway, I in the end we'll finish in a less than inspiring 9th place.
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I'm a keen follower of F1 and the bad publicity of Bahrain has tarnished the sports name a tad. I'm not sure if I want Leeds to be linked to the same bad image.

Personally I've got nothing against Bahrain but Leeds have suffered with enough negative publicity over the years I'm pretty sure this would just add fuel to the fire.
If this individual was just a businessman based in Bahrain I could agree with your sentiments. However he is actually part of the Bahraini royal family.

His interests may be in the best for Leeds but he is directly linked to the cause of the recent civil unrest.

I was discussing this with a colleague earlier and it may be a bit of an extreme example here but if Saddam Hussains cousin decided to invest in Leeds would you be comfortable with it?
Leeds have finally won something. Might only be an argument relating to policing costs but its a start.

W Yorks police can't moan too much as they are building a nice shiny HQ within kicking distance.
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