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LEICESTER | All Saints’ Place, Highcross Street | 7 Storeys | Pro

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Proposal for 73 residential units in a building up to 7 storrys in height. Close to the proposed new Novotel/Adagio Aparthotel and close to All Saints Church.

Not to be confused with All Saints Village being developed nearby on Vaughan Way.


Architects: MAA Architects

Images from planning application link above.
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Posts from the Leicester Projects Summary thread earlier today:

I think that's a pretty flattering image/angle to be fair. The below is probably a truer reflection of what you'll see as you approach. It's not terrible but it's certainly not great either. Hopefully there'll be some signage there or even some decent wall art that detracts from the brick expanse. My only criticism of what is a fairly solid proposal though.

To be fair, it would only take a small redevelopment of the cluster of buildings in the corner, and for the one-storey white unit in the image below, to reach 2-3 storeys on Great Central St like it does on the Highcross St side for that 'wall' to pretty much disappear.

Posts from the Leicester Projects Summary thread earlier today:
Thanks. :)
Plans have now been submitted for an 8 storey student accommodation block instead of the original apartments plan 😒:

So their adding an additional floor? Can't see the shape / design changing much at all
Why don’t they take the roof off the old build, raise it a floor and put the original roof on top or perhaps some kind of art installation to do with that area on that blank wall
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I thought they were going to remove that ugly corner building aswell?

Didn't the original development image have a spire on the building
The old Richard Roberts shop area (corner building) is a separate site to this one.

See: LEICESTER|176 - 178 Highcross Street (former Richard...
What’s baffling is the rest of the proposed developmentlooks okay and broadly similar in style to the Wullcombe. How can we all see that this looks wrong particularly as ‘gateway’ development. The planners have got to make them re-do the plans (some hope!).
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Virtually impossible though to do anything else with that old shop there other than replicate it on the other side! But they’d rather create an awkward development for financial gain # they don’t care ultimately
A complete monstrosity and ugly as hell. I hope this gets rejected.
I hope it gets rejected too.
Agreed! Nuff said.
I won’t bother commenting on the planning application, as it probably wouldn’t be taken notice of. 😒
I really don’t want this development to be approved on another prime site:

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