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Leicester - United Kingdom

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hello everybody :)
some pictures i took from Leicester(Middlands) with my mobile (Nokia N80,i'm sorry if the quality is not that good but the pics are still "watchable").
i hope you like them and if you do,more pictures will follow and if least you'll know how Leicester is!hehehe
its a nice city and i like it...enough with words,lets travel to Leicester!(don't expect buildings only!)

thats was it folks! :)
im sorry again for the quality,one day i have to take my cam and take some pics. :bash:
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Opa re file ti mou thumises, ekana to master mou sto Leicester to 2004. Subathitikh polh me isws ta poio kala indika estiatoria sthn Agglia :cheers2::cheers2:
Leicester is nothing special, just an average English looking city. Personally I think Nottingham is much nicer (by the way you can get shot for saying that :lol::lol::lol:). On the other side it has really nice leafy suburbs though, especially around Leicester University.
I have the same impression but I think this is the english way, the way their smaller cities are.
But Im not an England-expert...
You get a rigt mix of cities. Some really nice, some :drool:
Midlands are quite industrial plus most of the cities been redeveloped during the 50-60s losing much of their Victorian and Georgian buildings (Birmingham, Coventry etc). Nice middle size (300-500k) cities in UK are Cardiff, Bristol, Newcastle, Edinburgh,,,
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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