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LEICESTER | Your own ideas/plans/renders/models, etc for the city.

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This thread is for any ideas, plans, models, renders, etc you have for Leicester. They can be as realistic or as silly as you like (well not totally!). If your ideas consist mainly of towers then post them in the Tower visions thread:

So show all of your ideas, no matter how badly drawn they are. :)
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What a great idea for a thread!

My method of producing renders is to photograph the existing area, then trace over it and draw in the concept, usually with dodgy results :D
You could start one for Derby. I prefer using Google sketch-up as you can superimpose your designs onto the Google Earth aerial views. :)

Your idea's just as valid though.
Ah I wasn't aware that could be done, I did have that software and attempted doing a model of Westfield Derby but it just looked like a banana with a shoe box on top.

Technology 1 - 0 Traditional methods :D
You'd probably make a btter design for Westfield Derby though! :lol:

Just go to Google Earth, choose your spot and then on sketch-up click 'Place Model' and hey presto you can see your work on Google Earth!
Here's one I've been wanting to do for a while - An arena (left) on the staples site and a huge hotel/conference and high-end retail development (right) on the site of the former International Hotel (to counter-balanace Highcross to the east):

(See below)
Can you post that again please Leicity?
My last post above do you mean?
I see what you mean now it was there before - here it is :):

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WOW! if only it could be real.

I think the high rise block on the International bit should be facing Humberstone Gate instead, it would look much better i think as then you would be able to see it from the clock tower.
I didn't place it on that side as to avoid a 'wind tunnel' affect with Cardinal Exchange, however I see your point. I also terraced the tower as not to give it a really imposing look and to lessen it's impact on the nearby Curve. :)
Here's another take on the above, with the tower (slightly differenet design) on Humberstone Gate. I don't think it is as successful as the other one.

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Looks OK, just as long as you increase the height of the tower a bit more to something around possibly 60 stories, then that will look much better.
Here's a much taller version:

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Nottinghamites would be able to stare in awe-struck wonder at that from the comfort of their own hovels :D

(assuming they had at least one south facing window ;) )
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...Now to convince someone to build something like that...:| :laugh:

In reality, I think it is possible and all it needs is a developer to come forward and plan an exciting development on those areas of land and not just give them up to boring residential schemes.
That's even more unlikely than seeing SGT getting demolished!
That's even more unlikely than seeing SGT getting demolished!
You can imagine the evolved humans digging beneath their utopian metropolis to find "The Blue Shrine", with what seem to be multi coloured sculptures directly in line with the spring equinox, and fragments of colour suggesting the temple was built in honour of the great Sky God as a plea for help before the destruction of Earth's eco-system due to human-induced global warming.

History will tell a very different story to what we know now. Ta yer b*****d Zarbafi!
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