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Let's take a walk in Canary Wharf!

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Let's take a short walk around Canary Wharf

Citigroup HQ (25 Canada Square)

Corner of HSBC (8 Canada Square)

A little close-up

In case somebody wishes to have some rest

1 Churchill Place

Viewing up (8 Canada Square)

Street level

The footbridge

1 Canada Square

1 Churchill Place]/img]


The footbridge once more

25 Canada Square

1 Canada Square

DLR train passing

Approaching the tube station

Time to say goodbye, I'll miss CW for the whole next week or even more :wave:
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Great pics!
I love the name - Canada square, how adorable.:D
good shots! thanks. Towers are really nice though they don`t form spectacular skyline together.

I like Citigroup and smaller part of 1 Churchill Place. But the station has so cool design. Is whole London tube nice and clean or it resembles the one in NYC?
Dunno what NYC's underground is all about so I can't really tell if London's tube reminds NYC's subway ;)

Though most of London's tube stations are not even close to CW in terms of anything.

As for the skyline, I would dare not to agree, CW looks wonderful from a distance just as it does from the street level (I'd say especially from the street level, I can't imagine a better planned place with better public spaces than in CW). I just couldn't find good points to take skyline shots and was very tired to walk further ;)

P.S. all pics were taken today :)
well here it is

its nice and all but not spectacular.

nyc subway :D
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London tube stations look better than that ;)

As for that pic it indeed doesn't look spectacular, that's because it wasn't a proper angle to take a shot of the entire cluster (it was just too close) and I don't know yet the best places to take proper skyline pics, I'll try to find this out next time ;)
Except of that now you know where some Jarrad works :D this panorama might help you to pick a location :)
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LOL cool aerial picture :D

I edited the picture a little bit to show the location from where that "skyline" pic was taken, looks so close :)

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These photos look kinda ugly. :down: But what more could we expect when the author is John? :dunno:
I just have to add that Edd sucks.

I cross this bridge every morning when i go to work!
It is one dodgy bridge i gotta tell you.

Always have a feeling like it is going to snap and break in half while i am walking over it.

Canary wharf is very nice, everything is new and modern.

Thanks for the pics!
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