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Hello my Italian friends!

I have an idea! After Greece, Italy is my favourite country (of course I say this because I am Greek!) However, Italy is definitely the most beautiful country in the world!

Below I have posted pics of my homeland, Hellas (or Grecia, in Italian). I hope some of you will come to the Greek forum and post pictures of your beautiful country. That way we can learn more of eachother! You are all very welcome in our forum!

I hope you enjoy these pics!


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Wow, some nice pictures there.

One thing I really like about Greece is the use of white in all buildings. It just make them look so mediterranean!
Grecia, culla della civiltà classica, degli ordini architettonici, dell'urbanistica, della politica, della filosofia.........semplicemente MERAVIGLIOSA!

Le foto sono molto belle, penso di avere riconosciuto Santorini, o sbaglio?
Leafs,welcome on italian forum!!Thank you for those beauties!!
I went in some places in Greece and to Athens and it looked to me really beautifull,very quite and as a happy city with very friendly people!!!
And it offers a wonderfull panorama from its upper part!!!
Thank you my Italian friends! Your warm words about Grecia are really appreciated!

I spend hours in this forum and I look at all the pictures of the Italian cities, beaches, and countryside and I think to myself, "If I only knew how to speak Italian, I would move there tomorrow!"

Well, anyway, I have been to Rome and Milan and a few other cities and i must say that they are probabley the greatest and nicest cities in the world!

Take care!
^Thank you too my dear greek frind,your words are warmer then ours!!!
thanks for the pictures LEAFS! And welcome in the Italian forum!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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