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Lewisburg, PA

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Lewisburg is a borough located on the Susquehanna River, north of Harrisburg. It is also along US Route 15. Lewisburg is the seat of Union County, and has a population of a little under 6000.

Houses on Market Street.

More houses on Market Street.

Businesses on Market Street.

Houses on 2nd Street near Market Street.

A house on 2nd Street at St. Catherine Street.

Houses on Front Street at St. Catherine Street.

Houses on St. Louis Street.

The Union County Courthouse at the corner of 2nd and St. Louis Streets.

Houses on 3rd Street.

Houses on 4th Street.

Houses on 5th Street.

Houses on 6th Street.

Houses on Market Street at 6th Street.

Houses on Market Street.

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That's a really nice town...also one i've become somewhat familiar with seeing as we go through it every time on our twice-yearly treks between Raleigh and Rochester.
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