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Lewistown is a borough on the Juniata River and is the seat of Mifflin County. The population is around 9,000. Lewistown is located where the Juniata River passes through a gap in Shade Mountain, called the Lewistown Narrows, and was a focal point for travel in early times. The building of the Pennsylvania Canal , which opened the Juniata Division along the Juniata River in 1832, met with local pikes and roads to make Lewistown a center of travel in Pennsylvania.

Houses on Main Street.

Twin houses on Lindbergh Way.

Houses on Main Street.

The Embassy Theatre, on Main Street. The theater was built in 1927 and is being renovated into a performing arts center.

Buildings on Market Street at Monument Square.

Houses on Main Street, now used as law offices.

The Mifflin County Courthouse, on Wayne Street. The courthouse was built in 1978.

Houses on Grand Street at Fifth Street.

Rowhouses on Fifth Street.

Houses on Market Street.

The Miller Cinema, on Market Street.

The Coleman House, on Market Street. The inn was built in 1893, on the site of a previous Coleman House, and on the site of the Red Lion Inn before that.

Buildings on Monument Square. The old Mifflin County Courthouse, built in 1843, is on the right.

Hotel Lewistown, at Main & Water Streets. The hotel was built in 1937.

Monument Square, where Main Street meets Market Street. The Soldiers & Sailors Monument sits in the middle of Monument Square. The statue was built in 1906, and a stone from the original tomb of Abraham Lincoln was used in the base of the monument, as a gift from Robert Hoover, a Mifflin COunty native who moved to Springfield, Illinois, after serving in the Civil War, and acquired the stone as a member of the Lincoln Memorial Association there.

St. John's Lutheran Church, at Third & Market Streets.

Buildings on Market Street. The Miller Cinema is on the left.

Businesses on Market Street.

Houses at Third & Valley Streets.

Trinity United Church Of Christ, at Oak Street & Central Avenue. The church was built in 1920.

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