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Had some time to take pictures and I really wanted to check out Hearst Tower for myself, so I went out and snapped today. The weather wasn't great, it started raining towards the end of my picture taking, but can't let that spoil the party.

First decided to hit up Bloomberg Tower...

Looking nice and glassy:

The not too far neighbor, Citigroup:

Gotta like the top...

Back to Bloomberg Tower...

Looking toward the courtyard:

General shot looking around...

Bloomberg side angle of base:

Closer look at top:

Other side:

Can you see the reflection?

Here, have a closer look:

Citigroup & Co...

Bloomberg through the holes...

Nice PoMo one:

The base is cool:

Yup, you guessed it..another Bloomberg shot:

WTF is this?

Park Ave:

Last shot of the series:

Two more parts coming up, stay tuned.

Long live the Twins!
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that bloomberg shot with the postmodern 135 e. 57th st's the best i've ever seen of the tower! i like how the protruding masonry on the bloomberg tower helps to give it a very solid look compared to other glass towers in the city.

GM looks so metlife-like in that last shot...
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