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Picking up right where we left off from part 1...

Trump Tower looks pretty thin from this angle:

Speaking of thin, this sure ain't. I wanted to get a street view, yea right. It's a different kind of skyscraper, a real nice kind too. (Sorry for the blur, was walking while taking it.)

Back to the other skyscrapers...

Interesting shot with Metropolitan Tower and Carnegie Hall Tower, they look as one:

Approaching Hearst Tower:

The oh-so-famous dense shot:

Getting closer to Hearst, looks pretty much topped out, no?

Carnegie Hall Tower...

I hate this mother-mony...

Who needs hardwood for soft prices?

Another one of Trump's properties...

Cool thing happened as I took the following pics. I met forumer gothamaniac while taking these, he recognized me from the forums, what a coincidence. Real cool guy, hope he comes to the meet in June...

Next Target:

Before that, more Hearst...

To finish off part 2...

A plane amongst the scrapers:

Part 3 should be posted up tomorrow, hope you enjoy. Kind of sucks about the gray sky in these pics, but nothing you can do about that, it started raining on and off.

Long live the Twins!
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hearst tower's looking great! (except for the black mechanical vents of course)

yeah, mony tower's's just a watered-down and shortened version of a rockefeller center building...nothing much to it. so what if it has a temperature display screen on its roof?
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