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I've been living in the Woodland Park area over the summer so in honor of my last weekend in the neighborhood I though I would share this lovely area with all of you.

It's nestled just in between the downtown core and the University of Kentucky and is dominated by local businesses and historic residential neighborhoods. Since its Sunday afternoon most of the local shops are closed and there isnt a lot of foot traffic. Through the week its a pretty busy area.

Here we go...

Looking toward downtown from the 3rd floor of my building

Woodland Ave.

Another angle

The little condo that could...

Woodland Triangle

This guy bummed a cigarette from me. I stopped and talked to him for a while

Looking South toward the University of Kentucky

Euclid Avenue

Good food...

I have a thing for alleys

High Street

I bumped into my friend Jon

Self portrait...

Clay Avenue

Ashland Avenue

Woodland Park

Plane over the park

Central Avenue and some side streets

Strange sign...

Wandering over to Main Street, just outside the downtown core...

This photo was taken at great personal risk...

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed...

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Thanks guys!

More of a monk when it comes down to it.

Do the pictures make it seem like a bohemian kind of neighborhood? I'm from here and have spent time, traveled through and now lived in this neighborhood for as long as i remember. It's hard to see it as someone would just from these pictures if you know what i mean.
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