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Liège / Luik / Lüttich - Belgium

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Much people say it's the most ugliest city in Belgium.Maybe it's true.It was a nice city but the 60's and 70's killed it.

Population:city 205.000

Pictures (not from myself):

This the historic centre witch was much larger before the 60's

More pictures from this city in the Belgian subsection of skyscrapercity.
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How much of the historic center did they destroy in the 70s?
I wouldn't call this city "ugly" ... but i notice that it doesn't have alot of historic buildings that most european cities possess.
When I was young I always hated Luik. When we went on holiday to France (3 times) we always drove through Luik. I found it smelly and ugly but then is was only 8
That's because the drive-throughway was in a industrial subcity of Luik.The real center is more to the west.On the other side of the Maas.
I lived in Liège in 1995 and it is not ugly!!
And lots of students & night life...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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