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Liberia . West Africa

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Liberia, West Africa ( Most of the pictures are from )
Just some Pictures/views of how parts of the city looks like now. we are poor a small west African country but very friendly people so there's no high rises here just a country trying too rebuild there nation now that we are free from a Dictator who is now on trial in the Huge for war crimes committed on people of four west African countries (Liberia, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Sierra Lone) we have a very rich history which dates back too slavery in the United states. Most Liberians can trace there roots back too most southern parts of the united states, I can trace mine too a town in the state of Alabama called lower Peach tree.
Liberia was never colonized so its the oldest country in Africa, free slave migrated too Liberia too create a nation in 1847. Liberia was a heaven for immigrants blacks from America/England and the Caribbean migrated here. its was one of the most peaceful nations in Africa until the elected government was over thrown by Charles Taylor who raged a bloody war on his own people( turning tribe against tribe. Liberians died and the whole world watched and did nothing until it was too late, after more then 200'000 people were killed and more then half of the population was force too flee the country then the ecowas came in as peace keepers, since then Liberians have started too come back home too rebuild, people losts everything now they are starting from scratch as they rebuild there once peaceful country now that Mr. Charles Taylor and his sons are on trial in the Huge (Holland) for war crimes charges . Liberians have elected a leader The first female president in Africa and they are now rebuilding the country for ever lasting peace and freedom for all.
so please don't Judge us for the lack of infrastructure as we have suffered enough and all we need now is encouragement. No To Dictatorships in Mama Africa!

temple of Justice

Damage hotel from the war

another Damage Hotel

Presidential palace


The New University of Liberia being built[img]


Liberian culture

miss liberia

harper city coast Liberia.jpg 2

Clay Ashland , (free American slave settlement )


Monrovia, Liberia 1930's

The Liberia Flag

View of Monrovia from air

post office

downtown Monrovia


local hotels in Liberia Africa

local Market place

apartment building

local lake

local surfing beach

Roberts port , Liberia

Local apartment building

PA'S steak house Monrovia

Liberian Capital building

Tents at surfing beach @ Roberts-sport Liberia

Roberts field airport , Liberia

firestone/bridgestone club house , Liberia

University Of Liberia

the cape hotel

Damage hotel from the war (hotel Africa)

local streets

Liberian furniture

Liberian traffic

@ Roberts field airport

Liberian chimps on Marshall Island

Buchanan city, Liberia

Cece's Beach

local building

old church @ Roberts-sport Liberia

chruch at Bridgestone/firestone plantation

local apartment building

local Bank

local hangout spot /club

sports complex @ Monrovia

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Monrovia is the capital city of the West African nation of Liberia. Located on the Atlantic Coast at Cape Mesurado, it lies within Montserrado County, the most populous county in Liberia. The metropolitan area, with a population of 1,010,970 in the Greater Monrovia District as of the 2008 census, contains 29% of the total population of Liberia and is the country's most populous city.

Founded in 1822, Monrovia is named in honor of U.S. President James Monroe. Monrovia was founded thirty years after Freetown, Sierra Leone, the first permanent African American settlement in Africa. The city's economy is dominated by its harbor, and government offices. Monrovia's harbor was significantly expanded by U.S. forces during the Second World War and the main exports include latex and iron ore. Materials are also manufactured on-site, such as cement, refined petroleum, food products, bricks and tiles, furniture and chemicals. Located near the confluence of the Mesurado and Saint Paul rivers, the harbor also has facilities for storing and repairing vessels.

Source: by blk24ga1

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