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LIDO WATERFRONT BOULEVARD | Iskandar Malaysia (Johor Bahru)

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Monday February 7, 2005
Bid to make Lido Beach like Sydney Harbour

JOHOR BARU: Johor is planning to develop and turn the 5km-long Lido Beach here into a spot much like the Sydney Harbour.

Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said the area had the potential due to its location.

“It is within the city boundary and only a few minutes away from the Causeway. Both factors are a plus point as such a plan would only be viable if it could attract a huge and constant crowd.

“I may sound over-ambitious but I don’t see why we cannot have something like the Sydney Harbour at Lido Beach,” he said after opening the Danga Bay International Restaurant last night.

Danga Bay is a subsidiary of Ekovest Bhd, the developer of the multi-million ringgit recreational centre which is located at one end of the beach.

Abdul Ghani said he was confident that the plan would materialise.

“If we brought the idea up 10 years ago, people would have laughed because then, we did not care much about leisure.

“But its different now as our people have started to spend more time with their families at recreational parks and are always looking for new places to go. I am quite confident this place would be the main attraction in this city,” he said.
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That site was haunted. Has actually killed a lot of people, ate bulldozers, containers..
Means that place is haunted with something "dirty"? That is why they hoard up the beach?:nuts:
It's really funny if you flip to page 1 1st post back in year 2005 it says to develop lido into Sydney harbour.

Now it's a piece of rusty abandon haunted building jutting out into the sea.

11 years had past and nothing has changed in that area. Bravo.
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so what happened here?
uncle Vince run out of money is it?
so what happened here?
uncle Vince run out of money is it?
His brother, uncle Danny
Real or just drawings and dreamscape...

I guess 95% drawings and 5% build one building in 10 years
omg very new york lookalike.... guess that im 60 years old when this project turns to be real
Can they like just reclaim the land all the way to the RnF area and build a nice big park with cycling and jogging tracks in it?

The abandon waterfront building can be converted into a nice waterfront hotel similar to Casa Del Rio in Malacca.

Imagine a large infinity pool facing the Johor strait would be so nice and awesome right? And with seafood BBQ restaurants and dining along the way too to watch sunset and enjoy the evening seabreeze
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I think shud be just land reclaimation.

CGDB going to hand over key, certainly owners dont want to see their beach water being muddy, although they are not going to swim there.

So should be now reclaim or never. And danga bay being faster up the whole reclamation process.
Lido Waterfront Boulevard by Tropicana

Lido Waterfront Boulevard is a unique development by the sea which embraces the city lifestyle and waterfront living. Designed to create an integrated waterfront mixed development destination with 2.4km of beautiful coastal promenade in Johor Bahru, this 163-acre development site features a mix of residential serviced apartments, hotels, offices, and retail shopping, complemented by a recreational facility, public park, and an iconic cultural centre.

Old proposal

Images from Lido Waterfront Boulevard - Malaysia - Agabme
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Lido boulevard by tropicana?

Thought it was a berjaya project?
Launching soon. Images with proposed cable car

by Tropicana
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tallest about 72 floor. Not sure why they need the cable cars ?
Don't believe illustration in JB.
Tropicana is well known for scaled down projects in JB.
e.g Danga Bay & Danga Cove.

Danga Cove from high rise development to landed & shop houses only.
Let see what happen to this project.
Spotted. Was on top of Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar and saw this. Anybody knows if this is Lido Waterfront show gallery? View attachment 3311428
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