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Liepnitzsee (Lake Liepnitz) at Christmas Day

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a few shots from a lake north of Berlin I made today. As you can see we're far from having a white Christmas this year. The weather was chill though and with the dusk the temperatures became really icy.

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Yeah, pretty charming. Does the lake belong to some kinda national park/reservoir or can you go there in the summer and take a bath?
^^ there's a nature preservation zone, but you've acces to the lake at many places. This image shows one of the 'beaches' which is much frequented during summer. The lake has a longstreched island accessable by boat and a small foot passenger ferry. On the island you can find another 'beach' with a campsite and a small café.
nice photos!! Berlin is a beautiful city, i like the sony center!!
ye.. very quiet, calm this area of Berlin!!
seems to be other city from interior of germany
Looks great.
In fact most of the many lakes around Berlin are worth a visit
two ducks

a swan hides behind the reeds

Ducks: you need to be away of the thai ones
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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