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LILLE - Stade Pierre Mauroy (50,157)

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Lille OSC

4x League:
1933, 1946, 1954, 2011

6x Cup:
1946, 1947, 1948, 1953, 1955,

:) Hi everybody here. i'm new, i'm in france .

This is the trhead of the new Stadium for the Losc (lille olympique sporting club) which played 2 last edition of Uefa champion's league.

After the rejected project of 'Grimonprez jooris 2' due to its location near an old historical Citadelle Vauban , They reflected on a total new project like Schalke04 and Amsterdam arena.

Main characteristics:

- 50186 seats
-Retractable roof
-scheduled to ??
-Not a 5 stars stadium but 7 stars stadium!!!!!!! :eek:

Uploaded with

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reality now :

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@ Vilak -> Lille is an urban area of more 1 million people.

This city NEEDS this tool because it's very important to be known in this part of europe (Belgium and netherland, England )

The projetc is not too high because in february the match of uefa champion's league was at Lens . They played manchesterunited and the stadium was full! Even in 2005 in saint denis (75000 people this evening)

The question about the coach puel is inexisting. He can go now there will be another man to relace him. Don't forget that Losc played champion's league with Vahid Hallilodzic who took the club in ligue2!!!

This stadium is Important.
According to one of Losc director , the 3 projects presented are Absolutly fantastic!!

No Stadiums in France can compete with this project because they saw ALL arena retractabled stadiums to made lille's stadium.

He said that it could be transform from a 55000 seat to 20000 o 30000 seat dome!!! AMAzING!!

the accent is to be very Multifunctional stadium!

The Bouygues project is rumoured to be winner .

Why is this bouygues project is the fututre winner?

Just because the city coumminity council has to vote for one of those 3 project and the votes are different because there are socialists,communists,ecologists and UMp voters. In different tems there are different political opinions and the lader of UMp group opposition (Daubresse) worked at... Bouygues as engineer !!

It's not difficult to guess that Lobbying works ever!
Ouh.. be careful with words man.. :eek:
bouygues and his network tf1 are known to be doubtful and crappy , intimately linked with all other "famous" lobbys ( **** , jews , science , industrials ...) , and with sarkosy , lagardere . The medias issue is the same as in usa .
i told him :eek:hno:

And if Amsterdam ajax want to build another stadiumit would be a stupid!!

It's true that althought it is a nice stadium, Amst.arena seems to be cold.

The reflexion for a stadium has to take account about the spirit of football that must living in such a structure!

Shalke04 arena is better because you feel that the club and fans own this place. It's a true place to play football.

Amsterdam is a place to make shows and concerts!!

They would have think about this before the construction..
it will be destroyed because it would never been allowed to be build according to the justice court which refused the extension project.

And it's true because the visa which allow a construction was wrong in the 70's .

Personnaly i don't regret it :banana:
Is Stade Grimonprez Jooris still standing? What's going to be done with it?
Election yes!

It will be built in Villeneuve d'ascq a city of 70000 people .
It will be in the South of V.A

They played now in villeneuve d'ascq too but at stadium nord in the middle of the town
Là trop c'est trop!! :weird: !!! :down:

Je veux que tu sois signalé immediatemment au modo! c'est tout simplement Inadmissible ce genre de propos racistes sur un forum!
Celui qui a balancé le mot Lobby a été très correct, pas toi.
Pour les insultes, c'est pas parce que la majorité est vulgaire que tu doit te sentir obliger d'être aussi bête qu'eux.
Fin de l'histoire? tu me connais pas...

j'ai pas grand-chose à te dire en general et tu m'emmerdes plus qu'autre chose avec ta reaction surdimensionnée , alors ça suffit . ça ne me derange pas d'allumer ces gens-là , simplement parce que je ne les aime pas , comme un grand nb de personnes qui ent ont assez de leur propagande douteuse et de leur mentalité foireuse . les mots , tu les choisiras , je m'en fous completement de ton avis , desolé .
You underevaluate potential of city like lille in te future :eek:hno:
Who knows what going to happen in next years??

In 5 years , who knows how many champion's league they will play??
Between 2001 and 2007 they have participated it 3 times without a stadium?

This club despite its bad season is increasing its infrastructures for the future.
Who knows in 2011-2012-2013 which club they 'll play with ??

Do you think if Barcelona,Real madrid,Manchester come play in such a stadium, it will be empty???

People around lille (belgium,north of france or england) could come??

that's the reality of lille. that's why 50000 is good.(And perhaps too small in the case of a 1/4 or 1/2 final of champion's league)
Critiquer un groupe de btp c'est different de critiquer une race!
Toi tu fais les deux!!

Des Lobbies ok, des denonciations raciales non!
Serieux ce topic parle du stade de lille et je vois pas ce que tes dires ont en rapport! :bash:
According to a survey in lille , 85% of opinions are in favour to that stadium!
The vote for a stadium is february 1st, then next week or one of those days pics will be launched.
I 'll be there to show renders. trust me :)
LOL man :lol:

It's not a problem to have such strusctures. Honestly i think it's already too small because of big events you could make.

i think a variable arena of 55000 changing in 70000 seats would be better!!

Towns in the world in general growns. And a structure would be thought for the 50 years coming at least.
Lille's biggest problem is its name
When you here Lille you think of little (Lil'). So a 50.000 is too big for that city :D
No no!!
It's ridiculous to take lille for its 200000 people because there are too many cities surrounding lille . it's a "conurbation" of multiple small cities.

Example : La madeleine is neighbor of lille and is not lille. A city like villeneuve d'ascq which is located 8 min by metro has around 70 000 people!!

It's decent to pretend that is a area of more 1 million people.

And this information about the two projects left (three at origin):

Le grand stade fait des euros

On y voit un peu plus clair. Marc-Philippe Daubresse, premier vice-président (UMP) de la communauté urbaine (LMCU), a soulevé hier un coin du voile qui repose sur les projets des deux candidats qui restent dans la course à la réalisation du grand stade. Celui de Vinci semblant être hors course.

Le projet Bouygues, favori, coûterait à la communauté urbaine 10,7 millions d'euros par an sur trente et un ans. Déduction faite d'une aide de 45 millions d'euros du conseil régional, et d'une contribution annuelle du Losc de 7,5 millions d'euros. « Le club a accepté d'augmenter sa participation à un niveau plus raisonnable », a estimé Marc-Philippe Daubresse. Initialement fixée à un million d'euros, la part du Losc intègre désormais la location du nom du stade à un partenaire privé du club (le « naming »).

Le deuxième projet dans les clous, celui d'Eiffage, coûterait à LMCU trois millions d'euros de plus par an. Une différence qui, selon Marc-Philippe Daubresse, vient en partie de la participation de la caisse des dépôts au consortium Bouygues-Norpac : « Cet organisme a des conditions de financement plus avantageuses. » Mais le projet d'Eiffage intègre une salle omnisports en plus du stade. « Cela peut valoir le coup », estime Marc-Philippe Daubresse. Pas sûr cependant que quelqu'un accepte de payer le surcoût, surtout que la durée du partenariat est passée d'un coup de trente à trente et un ans. Soit une rallonge de 10,7 millions minimum. Réponse en communauté urbaine le 1er février.


two projects left-> Eiffage and bouygues but Bouygues is the favourite because the lower costs.
Eiffage project is million euros higher per year and includes a 55 000 stadium+ a multifunctionnal indoor Arena . i.e two projects in one!!! :eek: amazing!!
Wasquehal is a suburb and they play in league 3 . They were in league 2 a few years ago. They also use the stadium where lille plays.

In a few years stadium nord will be modernize and will have 20000 seats (17000 now) . the stadium will be used mainly for athletism.

Lens is not in lille area.
lens is not in the department than lille.

INFO: about the stadium, President of Lille club says " It's better than 5 stars is a 7 stars stadium"
If it's true :eek:
So how can part of Belgium be part of the Lille conurbation but not Lens which is on the door step?
Quick infomation:

Architect of Bouygues projetc is the one who made Bern stadium in Switzerland!

Is there someone here who know his name??
I hope that he will not make the same type of awful stadium :(
I don't apreciate euro 2008 stadiums ! They are ALL awful!

Location in Villeneuve d'Ascq:

400 million euros dude!
I don't know if they gonna to extend the metro line. Nearest metro station is 10 minutes on line 1

Several roads will be made for automobilists and pedestrians.

A direct pedestrian way will be designed from the campus university of lille 1 to he stadium.

I can't stand waiting to see the first renders of stadium!! :nuts:

Friday the final choice will be revealed!!! :banana:
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