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LILLE - Stade Pierre Mauroy (50,157)

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Lille OSC

4x League:
1933, 1946, 1954, 2011

6x Cup:
1946, 1947, 1948, 1953, 1955,

:) Hi everybody here. i'm new, i'm in france .

This is the trhead of the new Stadium for the Losc (lille olympique sporting club) which played 2 last edition of Uefa champion's league.

After the rejected project of 'Grimonprez jooris 2' due to its location near an old historical Citadelle Vauban , They reflected on a total new project like Schalke04 and Amsterdam arena.

Main characteristics:

- 50186 seats
-Retractable roof
-scheduled to ??
-Not a 5 stars stadium but 7 stars stadium!!!!!!! :eek:

Uploaded with

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reality now :

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The best that I found.

Best moments of the game.
Maybe not all the stadium but a big part of it. I saw the game on TV and apparently 45,000 Lille fans came from Nord-Pas de Calais region (200km) by TGV (45 min.) and by buses, the rest of the fans were "neutral" Parisians.
were they all Lille fans?? I never had any idea they were so big...
It's because of the indoor arena mode, the stadium will need darkness inside. There will be an aeration system and a sprinkling sytem betwen the two parts of the pitch and also an artificial light system for the pitch.
It's a disappointment the stadium doesn't have transparent roofs. I loved it very much...
Maybe it will be white, we don't really know today what it will exactly look like, but for sure it won't be transparent (I read this a couple of months ago).
A lot of stadiums will look similar...pity !






The construction cost will be 282M € (payed by Eiffage).
Lille Municipality will pay 448M € (14M €/year during 32 years) for Eiffage & 250M € for credits & other equipments (access, mall, hotels, services....).
Yes..................Paid by "your" taxes............Eiffage will be the great winner of this deal !!!!

The real cost of the stadium is 282M €. Your city will pay during 32 years (448M €) for owning it !!

comparison with OL Land :
Lyon: (stadium) approx. 350M €
Lille: (stadium, real cost) 282M €, (stadium, concession) 448M €
Lyon: (access & other equiments) approx. 500M €
Lille: (credits, access & other equipments) approx. 250M €
^^ This architect was totally wrong, as you can see !!!

Of course it is possible to build this kind of stadiums, if you have enough money because this is very expensive !!

Then ask to Eiffage, Vinci or Bouygues (the 3 main French construction companies and some of the greatest and largest ones in the world), to build it....
iPods ???? Really ???? weird.....:lol: OK, we have iPod Stadiums in France and if Steve Jobs or/and Apple can help us to build them, they are welcome....:lol:

About Lille, yes it will have a retractable roof and a mobile pitch (half of it)...
The construction begins next fall.

Hurry up Italy, for your Euro bid !!!
God, similarities among those stadia are really striking, especially with Strasbourg's one. Not a bad design however, don't know why but it reminds me of Ipods.

will the Lille's one have the folding roof anyway?
Yes : Stopped, for the moment, due to many juridical & financial Troubles.

If you already know Corsica, all these troubles are understandable.......
^^^I think he speaks about Bastia Project....And he's right.. Nothing special
^^ Yes, but the first stadiums of this kind was the Arnhem Gelredome (Netherlands), the Arena of Gelsenkirchen (Germany) and the Sapporo Dome (Japan):

But, indeed this is a better system than Lille one. But it's more expensive...
That you don't understand (and everybody is telling to you) is: Eiffage chose this system because the price is cheaper.... If Lille municipality had had enough money then Eiffage would have built a stadium like Gelsenkinrchen/Arnhem.....

Lille Municipality told it before the bid process "a retractable field is too much expensive"...
Then Eiffage chose another system which is much cheaper and this is also why the other projects hadn't any retractable pitch !!

But you don't want to admit it !
The structure will be hided:

About the lifting of the pitch, Eiffage will use a system they already used for the vertical lift bridge in Rouen (Normandy), anyway Eiffage is one of the greatest construction & engineering company in the World especially for bridges and tunnels (they was part of the construction of the Channel Tunnel, for example)...
I read it in Les Echos newspaper one year ago.....

Anyway I won't argue with you anymore...... Everything which is against this stadium is a lie from your point of view.....

Please give the article that explain your statement!!
Please give me the article
This will have Turf after being open for 3 years. How will they do the pool?
About survival of the grass, this is my main worry for this stadium...

For the pool they will do like they'd done in the Rod Laver arena in Melbourne in 2007...

^^ Forget it, many people myself included, have already told him, here and in the Francophone forum.....
This is not an opinion !!!

Not like that !!!

BTW you never use arguments (or valid ones) to explain your point.. I do !!!
rubbish!!!! you are wrong 100% :lol:
Wrong all the line!! Please give me the article :bash:
:nuts: I don't keep daily papers eternally !!

Anyway if you don't trust informations I gave, you can look for them by yourself or buy online articles (or newspapers)........

Lille-Metropole website isn't a news media ! :eek:hno:
quote please the articles concerned and i'll admit you're right..
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