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Heyy everyone :)

Now, i'm from Manchester, and i recently visited Lincoln because that's where i lived 20 odd years ago, and i wanted to see how things were (friends and such).

Anyway, my former next door neighboors took me into the City of Lincoln, and at first we went to the old part of the city (with the cathedral and all the old shops and such) and it hadnt changed much, plus i got some fudge from a stall that brought back a lot of memories.

Anyway, just before we left we visited the university area of lincoln, and i MUST say i was taken back by all the new buildings there !! The architecture around the waterfront there was spectacular, and reminded me of our own Salford Quays. It was a truly amazing sight, simply because last time i was there it was an absolute dump down by the waterfront.

Keep up the good work down there, people !! :cheers:
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