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Hello could someone make a list of all the large Brazlian cities (top 15 ??) and then post your estimates as to how many skyscrapers are under construction there (10+ floors)


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a skyscraper is a building over 200 meters. A HIGHRISE is a building over 12 floors. If you mean HIGHRISES, then my city, Novo Hamburgo, which is the 99th largest brazilian city has at least 20 under construction.

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a small list for Novo Hamburgo (250k people)

Thomás Feltes Engel

Rosa dos Ventos

Moinhos de Vento

Parthenon Residence

Sunset Residence

Four Seasons

Nações Medical Center

Porto Brasil (28th floors, will be the tallest in the city)

Prime (too bad wont be a highrise, since it has only 11 floors, well... 12 if you count the subterranean garage)


Civic Center

Atlas Executive Center

Torre Prata



found a few more

Solar Pátria Nova

Pergamon Flat Hotel

Viva o Frevo
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Under cosntruction and projects in Recife.

These are some buildings from Recife.
Some of them are U/C and some are projects. All projects here are approved.
Pier São José and Pier Mauricio de Nassau.

Teresa Novaes, u/c.

Brennand Plaza, project(the green one) and Estação do Mar u/c.

Alice Queiroz, u/c

Freguesia de Casa Forte.

Dolores Moura.

Pedra Brava.

Maria Pia.

Joana Dhalia.

Terra Brasilis.

Maria Júlia and Maria da Graça.

Júlio Maranhão.

There are many others u/c in Recife.
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