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Hi there

Another thread from me...

Now I am inviting you to list 5 of your favourite buildings..

The definitions of building are rather expansive and must be in the lines as follow:

- Can be Historical and Iconic Status to the City
- Low rise (not skycrapers)
- Can be heritage listed or classic buildings
- Can be modern designed, recently or nearing completion

Each vote should choose 2 of interstate buildings

Note - this is YOUR personal and favourite choices - so not the BEST or MOST FAMOUS buildings.

The purpose iof this thread is to share your choices and show the others of the lesser known - but beautiful buildings of your choices either in your cities or elsewhere. :)

So send us some photos...

It is hard decision for me being in Melbourne - made by gold moneys - there are so many great buildings - such as

- Royal Exhibition Building Calrton
- Flinders St Station
- Southern Cross Station
- Rialto Hotel (previously known Le Meridien)
- Windsor Hotel
- Riponlea Building
- Como House
- Federation Square
- Melbourne Museum
- Melboune Town Hall
- Melbourne Library and its magnificent dome
- Melbourne Supreme Court
- Governor House
- ANZ Bank - Royal Branch
- National Gallery of Victoria
- Melbourne University
- Parliament Building
etc etc

To kick off, my personal choices are:

- Royal Exhibition Building - The only Australia World Herigate Listed building - Melb
- Federation Square - Melbourne - for out of the world design
- Melbourne State Library - Love the dome and the refurbished design
- Queen Victoria Building - Sydney - Love the dome too !
- Western Australian University campus - Nedlands - Perth - Love the tower

So - list your choices now and send us some photos of your choices !

Just one thing to ask - dont bag other cities and any negative and rude comments are not welcomed... :wave:


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what do you class as lowrise? under 12storeys?
i have thousands of fav lowrise.
I love all cap cities cathedrals. All domed bldgs like QVB<REB<MELB LIB,Law Crts.
Sydney;s new HQ for lend lease is amazing.
Im also a fan of lighthouses. very underated structure.
Australia has many great ones. My fav is the tallest in King Island ,tas.
in 1861 was taller then any bldg in Australia!

Also Shot towers are an amazing structure.Australia had 6.
taroonas tower in TAssie is 60m/200ft high and tallest structure in australia in 1870.

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Thanks Mr King Kong
I put Low rise is to avoid people choosing Skycrapers

So no specific height limit -

You can also include Cathedrals as well to your choices - they are great buildings ...

I know there are so many choices - so list your top 5 if possible !

I want to know of other buildings - ie in Brisbane or elsewhere


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1. Royal Exhibition Building - just a beautful building inside and out, and one of our most important cultural buildings, the detail and guilding on the interior of the 67m dome is exquisite.

2. Flinders Street Station - a baroque beauty, Australia's grandest station and it's golden face is pretty hard to forget.

3. Melbourne General Post Office(GPO) - most beautiful clock towered building still standing

4. Former Australian Stock Exchange Building - designed more like a grand church cathedral than an office building, perhaps the most detailed building ever built in australia and also one of, if not, the most expensive.

5. Windsor Hotel Melbourne - not much to say here except i could look at it all day.

Hon. Mention - Parliament House Melbourne, Sydney town hall, QVB, Olderfleet buuilding, St Patricks cathedral, Former safe deposit building melbourne.

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cape wickham lighthouse
taroona shot tower
st pats cathedral

mt morgan chimney (greatest brick structure in oz, 750,000 patiently placed bricks)

AWA tower (Art deco masterpiece from the the 30;s)
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