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List your top 5 Birmingham Projects

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1. Masshouse

2. Arena Central

3. The Cube

4. Digbeth Coach Station

5. Snowhill
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I'd like to say New Street Station.

Like to, but the plans they've got are shocking.
That I can think of

1. Arena central
2. City Park gate
3. snowhill
4. typhoo
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1. Park Central
2. Arena Central
3. Masshouse
4. Broad St. Tower
5. The Pinnacle
1) Arena Central
2) Masshouse
3) Snow Hill
4) Cube
5) Martineau Galleries
1. Arena Central
2. The Cube (I think people are underestimating just how iconic this building will be)
3. Martineau Galleries (for sheer size, and the crudineess it replaces)
4. Masshouse (nice density)
5. Digbeth Coach Station.
1. The Richard Rogers Partnerships Library of Birmingham
2. Ove Arups Birmingham Central Station
3. The Rough Diamond
4. The Cube
5. Arena Central
6. Martineau Galleries (+ Masshouse, City Park & City Park Gate)
7. Kinetic AIUs Warwick Barr (+ Typhoo Wharf)
8. Richardsons Broad St Tower

I know it's more than five, but since my favourite 3 have next to zero chance of seeing the light of day, I thought I'd list 8.
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1. Arena Central
2. Martineau Galleries
3. Masshouse
4. City Park Gate
5. Rough Diamond

These will all regenerate large tracts of land in the central area.
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1. Arena central
2. Broad Street Tower
3. New Street station
4. Pinnacle
5. Masshouse
1. Snow Hill and the New St Chad's Square
2. Wholesale Markets
3. New Street Station
4. Rogers Library
5. Fire Station
New Street Gateway 1
Rogers Library
City of Birmingham Stadium
RCO Curzon Street
Why are people listing the Rogers Library as one of the top 5 projects? Isn't this project dead & buried??
Oh, I get you ....... yes, it will be dead & buried then!
Nahh. New public enquiries will start at the cost of £5million. This will last two years, and the outcome will be to go with the orginal plans.

By then the orginal planning would be out of date, adding another year, new plans drawn up, 2 years, planning submitted, 1 year, masterplan, 1 year, another public enquiry as some bright spark though it would be a good idea to think of having it on a split site again, 1 year and £2million, stick with the last masterplan, by that time the goverment will step in and say they want to build the new train station on the site. :bash:

I'm trying to be realistic here.
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How long has this been dragging on now?....whats happening with it?

TBH, i thought this had died a death Looooong ago.....

To be honest I'm still a little dissapointed with Arena central, the renders we have indicate it is still in a very early stage, I think it is still a long long way off.
hmmmmm, i think ist unfair to say that AC is still at an early stage. projects at an ealy stage do not got to MIPIM to advertise their scheme and have full planning permission!
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