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Airport Park number one in central and eastern Europe before the year 2025

Kaunas International Airport - the most growing airport the second largest airport in Lithuania in accordance with the number of passengers transported. Central distribution point for goods in Central and Eastern Europe, where its distribution centers located in such a global company like UPS and TNT. Kaunas International Airport and the development of the highest growth opportunities to expand an airport in Lithuania.

The mission - to become famous and competitive in the Eastern European airports, offering its customers tailor-made services.

  • During the 1 hour journey by car from Kaunas airport to reach the 1.7 million population of the country, including the capital, Vilnius
  • Within two hours of travel by car is reimbursed whole territory of Lithuania Kaunas could reach 3.4 million people

Kaunas airport will be very beatifull, big and the best of lithuanian airports.

Airport in future


Kaunas International Airport is looking for long-term business partners in joint efforts to develop various projects, which would provide all parties involved in the direct benefits. The development of the International Kaunas airport infrastructure in a large area of the private sector to invest in and develop a business airport. We are always ready to listen to your ideas of the proposed infrastructure development.

Investment opportunities:

  • Aircraft maintenance hangars
  • Cargo handling terminal
  • Pilot/crew training center
  • Multistorey car park
  • Office Building
  • Learning Center
  • Shopping center
  • Hotel
  • Conference Center
The airport area covers 400 hectares of land with all necessary communication development:

  1. Passenger terminal;
  2. Commercial and recreational center;
  3. General aviation facilities, the airline's base, the VIP terminal;
  4. General aviation facilities, the airline's base, the VIP hangar;
  5. Multistorey car park;
  6. Aircraft maintenance hangars;
  7. Conference center and hotel area;
  8. Cargo handling terminals;
  9. Fuel filling station;
  10. Office building;
  11. Gas station;
  12. Railroad;
  13. Training Center;
  14. Logistics facilities;
  15. Service facilities;
  16. Aircraft engine shop;
  17. Business center and the airport administration building;

Kaunas International Airport objective - to create a single "all in one" air-port, which, together with the increasing influence of the Eastern European market in the world economy, ensure a solid and steady growth of the airport.

Kaunas International Airport visualization

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Ryanair’s Kaunas expansion hangs by a fine thread

The chief executive of the Kaunas Airport has reacted cautiously to Ryanair's planned expansion in Kaunas.

Arijandas Sliupas told that any air carrier can cancel flights from Lithuania's second largest city at a moment's notice.

"Every airline can choose to say: we're unhappy, we're no longer flying (from here)," Sliupas said.

He said the airport's already low user fees decrease as flight traffic grows but that no airline is bound by a long-term commitment.

Ryanair has abruptly pulled out of the airports in Valencia and Basel in recent years.

The Irish budget carrier's 140 million dollar investment in Kaunas will go towards the purchase of two new Boeing passenger aircraft.
Sliupas said funding improvements to infrastructure is up to the airport itself, adding that the airport is in good enough shape to handle increased passenger flows.
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