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I think that these nice and personal pictures about Malabo - which are very easy to find, I got a side with thousands of these photos - should find their way here, too. Even if it is historic material and therefore by-gone. Moreover, people from other sub-forums do not hesitate to show historic/colonial/traditional etc. visual material.

It is no "glorification" or whatsoever of colonial times (I just say it before someone attacks me for having the courage to show these pictures) but just a mere portrayal of Malabo´s former cityscape which reminds me a bit of Cuba, at least smaller towns in Cuba.

It is a contrast to today where the old town is left to rot away, unfortunately, (compare it to the Malabo thread),.... if it only could be repainted and cleaned entirely, it could be a big money-spinner with regard to tourism for the country which could also provide many jobs and help to portray a positive image of the country, just to make it more famous in the world.

Market Area

street scence

that a pic where the quality is better, it is clearer, shows street scence as well

old airport

driving around

awesome setting:cheers:

some festival or so

street scence, you can also see the Ford Motor shop on the right

you see the entry to a small cinema here

kids going to school

a highschool class

people marrying in Malabo


la fiestas patronales

post office

Patio de Sevilla

some festival parade

basket ball team


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Nice pictures, Matt. Malabo overall appeared in much better condition that it does today. Malabo appears to be a well-kept small city of that time. The streets on these images of past appear cleaner also. Although current Malabo has recent development occurring. Bata appears to be the most develped city in EG though.

Malabo also reminds me of smaller settlements in Cuba also. I have a few Cuban galleries if anyone is interested.

Havana (largest gallery of this city on SSC)




Santiago de Cuba


Nueva Gerona
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