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Liverpool Community College Development - Roscoe Street

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From the Echo -

Your first look at £30m Liverpool Community College site

May 14 2008 by Ben Turner, Liverpool Echo

The ECHO can reveal the eye-catching structure would accommodate a sports hall and fitness rooms as well a hi-tech learning resource centre.

Today college bosses said the new building formed part of a £100m investment into its campuses and was in response to “growing enrolments and students’ needs for specialist learning and social facilities.”

The building will also comprise a nursery, café as well as social and study zones for college students from other city centre sites.

The expansion has already won the approval of planners and will be funded with the help of the Learning and Skills Council.

Unveiling the plans, principal Wally Brown said: “This exciting development takes the college to another level.

“We are committed to providing the very best for our learners and the new building will create many new and exciting opportunities.

“This investment marks the next stage of our plan to develop a modern campus that is accessible to students across the city.”

The college currently has six main sites across the city: The Arts centre, Myrtle Street; Vauxhall Road; Duke Street; Clarence Street; Mulberry Street; Bankfield Road.
From here -

It's definately eye-catching, but comparing it to the buildings around it, I can't help but feel it's a little over-massed for the area. It's still good to see this kind of investment, but perhaps the design could do with a few tweaks?
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Interesting stuff, Cripsy.

Where on Roscoe Street will it be?
I'm not 100% certain, but using the Birds Eye feature on Windows Live Local to look for possible sites, and comparing with the artists impression, I think this site is a distinct possibility -

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Oh, okay, Definately a prime site for develoment. I thinking it was more likely to be t'other side of Leece Street, near to the Oldham Street developments but the above must be a possibility. That site is certainly more sensitive in terms of the surrounding Georgian architecture so I take your point about scale.
Other than a knockdown of the MSCP tucked between Renshaw Street, and Roscoe Street (seen to the bottom of the pic below), the only other site is this one -

However, the artists impression shows a street running down the side of the new building, which clearly isn't there on this site. Obviously this could be a new street - perhaps to reach a car park - but I still think based on comparisons with the artists impression (such as the small white building on the corner) the first site is more likely.
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Yes, I assume that the small, white building is the Grapes pub. Form-wise it is the same, although the real-life building has render on both storeys.
It's definitely the top photo location, next to the grapes. My mates live in the new flats on Knight St (pictured below the red highlighted bit) and they were consulted on the project.

I like it. Its big, imposing and it ain't red brick. It also appears that the walls are sloped outwards gonig towards the roofline, which is interesting and will give it a "looming" effect.
Good stuff. This area desperately needs a development of this scale (and hopefully quality). Nice to see an interesting use of form as well, not just the usual red lego brick block approach. Hope this gets approved.
It's already been approve Tom. They should be on site within 6 months if they want a September 2010 opening so we should see something pretty soon. :)
Now you mention it BB, I remember this one being approved. So much for my desire to see the massing addressed. Oh well, it's still a nice building, and I would rather have it than not. Do we think there's any chance of a crane or two on this site?
I think so, unless it made from the same stuff as those aut construct tent things. Just stand back and chuck it..

It might make more sens to go back and read the planner's report now that we have a picture.
Good to see a car park being built on. Just another hundred to go.
Surface level car parking is for me a real barometer of how much work a city has to do.

I was surprised that Leeds has quite a few of them too. Theres a lot of underutilised space there as well.

Once we get rid of the car parking around Tithebarn St/Pall Mall we'll be well on our way.
Just remembered this development when looking at the college business plan. The plan says they go on site in November 2009...which means that at least SOMETHING will be getting built next year! Strangely, they say they will be completing in July 2010.

Not sure if anyone can get a centre of this size built in 8/9 months, but its the only capital project left in their business plan that hasnt started on site yet, so it has to be this one (see page 23).
Making the most of being off sick

There was some recent discussion around a problem securing funding for this project.

I found this in the minutes of the 28th October 2008 meeting of the LSC capital projects comittee.

This reasures me that everything is on track as the LSC don't commit funding they don't already have.

Good news, but why wait until November!?

Liverpool Community College
4.47 It was noted that this project completes the redevelopment of the campus.
There is very little growth in this phase of the project as the majority of the
growth was delivered in phases 5a and 5b. This will provide a learning
resources centre and a sports facility.
4.48 The land purchase cost £4million per acre, this was a realistic figure.

Decision: The Committee agreed to endorse the £34.904million detailed
project proposal for approval by the National Council at the 49%
(£16.904million) grant support level.
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College gets green light for city centre building


Liverpool Community College has been granted funds for the construction of a state-of-the-art building in Roscoe Street. The Learning and Skills Council, the college’s funding body, announced their support today (4/3/09).

The new building is required in response to growing enrolments, students’ needs for specialist learning, and 14-19 curriculum developments across the city.

The building will accommodate a sports hall and fitness rooms as well a state- of- the-art learning resource centre. There will also be a nursery, café, social space and learner services for college students from other city centre sites.

The new facilities will enrich the learner experience by using the latest information technology and give the college the flexibility to develop its range of services to learners and employers.

Maureen Mellor MBE, Principal, said: ‘We are delighted that the capital programme has been approved. It is great news for the city and its regeneration. With the continued support of the Learning and Skills Council we are able to enhance the learning experience for students and employers.’

The £30 million development will bring the college’s total investment in its campus to £100 million in real terms.
Although I still maintain this building is a little over-massed for the site, I do still like it (and other developments like it ) as it in-fills a vacant site. Despite great progress in recent years, Liverpool still has far too many vacant sites (both in the city centre and elsewhere). Hopefully with the economic conditions curtailing most large developments, we'll see a few more of these vacant sites addressed in the meantime by smaller developments.
I think I must be the only person to say I dont like it, its too big for the site, this site should be used for housing. There are plenty more suitable sites this could go. For example the sit behind the Adelphi. This site at the Grapes should be family housing, as in townhouses and large appartments.
Great news. :cheers:

I must confess that part of me was expecting this to be pulled at the last moment!
I know, some construction work to ogle over in 2009! Who would have thought it?
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