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Superb news to start off this thread. The Cains company are to undertake a large expansion in its outlet base. I have every confidence they can realise their dream of being the best national brewer. The Dsanj brothers are excellent entrepreneurs and I think the Cains brand is currently unbeatable. They have a very high quality and diverse range of beers that are superbly branded, with the name "Liverpool" pasted on every bottle and pump. I find a lot of the other big brewers have a drabness about them and a lack of choice.

21 May, 2007. Cains release

Entrepreneurial brothers Sudarghara and Ajmail Dusanj have agreed a reverse take over of AIM-listed pub operator Honeycombe Leisure PLC to create a new business with 109 outlets and an annual turnover of £65.5 million.

The new group – formed from Honeycombe and the Cains Brewery owned by the Dusanj brothers - will be renamed Cains Beer Company PLC to capitalise on the strength of the premium brand ’Cains’.

It will be listed on the AIM market and 57.65 per cent owned by Sudarghara and Ajmail Dusanj, who acquired Cains Brewery in 2002. The company headquarters will be at Cains’ brewery in Stanhope Street, Liverpool.

The deal brings together Honeycombe Leisure’s estate of 100 pubs, concentrated mainly in the North West, with the nine already operated by Cains.

Sudarghara and Ajmail Dusanj, who take up the respective positions of chief executive and chief operating officer of the new business, believe that the deal represents a major opportunity for the quality brand that Cains has built to progress to a new level of distribution and awareness via the strong retail base created by Honeycombe.

Sudarghara Dusanj said: “The new business will have a significant brewing, distribution and branded beer portfolio to add to the existing company’s pub chain. This is a fully integrated business model which has been adopted by many highly successful companies and offers a direct route to market.

“There will be significant synergies by combining the two organisations. In particular, Cains will be able to market its own beer into an additional 100
strong pub estate through our existing in-house distribution facility, increasing the foot print of the Cains brand and customer base.

“Our vision for the new group is to become ‘Britain’s Favourite Beer Company’. This latest deal puts Cains into a new league and will provide an excellent platform for the future growth of the business.”

Alastair Donald, Area Director for Bank of Scotland in Liverpool - which has provided funding for the enlarged group - said:

“Bank of Scotland is delighted to be supporting a highly reputable and well-known local business with national ambitions to make its mark with the UK brewery sector.

“Throughout the course of our discussions with Cains, we've been consistently impressed by the strong management demonstrated by the Dusanj brothers. Their entrepreneurial aspirations for the business closely reflect Bank of Scotland's own commitment to funding ambitious and fast-growing companies throughout the UK.

“By bringing together Honeycombe's existing pub estate and Cains' brewing capabilities, the company is now in an excellent position to realise those ambitions by extending the reach of the Cains brand to a wider consumer audience."


Sudarghara (41) and Ajmail Dusanj (40)

Born in Chatham Kent

Their father arrived in the from in 1962 and worked in a foundry, saving for years in order to start his first business in 1983 - a fish and chip shop in Kent.

The brothers joined their father in 1987 and expanded the family business by purchasing run down or closed shops and converting them into fish and chip shops or convenience stores, helping the family business to grow to nine shops

The pair sold the family business and moved to the Midlands with the purchase of soft drinks manufacturer Gardner Shaw, which was in receivership, in 1992.

Gardner Shaw was successfully turned-around within 3 years by Introducing new product lines, servicing the wholesale pub trade and opening a number of depots across the Midlands, increasing turnover from £450,000 to £8 million.

In 2002 they rescued Robert Cain Brewery which was losing £2m a year and on the brink of closure and turning it around within three years by concentrating on quality, service, innovation and the Cains brand.

Appointing top branding agency JKR to concentrate on creating the Cains ‘umbrella brand’ and adopting an approach which has proved successful for a number of American breweries has created a strong business model which has revived the brewery while maintaining its history.

Cains Beer Company

First brewed by Irish entrepreneur Robert Cain in the 1850s, Cains has forged a reputation for quality beer throughout an ever expanding range.

The brewery – known as ‘The Terracotta Palace’ – has a rich history dating back to 1850 but the current striking building, widely regarded as an iconic landmark in Liverpool, has stood on the site since 1887.

Having so much history hasn’t stopped the business from moving forward.

With the Dusanj brothers in charge, the company has a vision to become ‘Britain’s Favourite Beer Company’ through continual product quality and innovation and selling its beers to an increasingly widening and appreciative audience.

Cains brewed the first Premium British Lager. Its Finest Lager is matured for three months and brewed using only the best malt in the world – Maris Otter. It was voted the 2nd ‘Best Thing in the World’ by GQ Magazine.

Cains is also the official beer of Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture Year 2008 and the brewery is closely aligned to the arts following its tie up to supply Cains beers to Britain’s Tate galleries.

The company will also be celebrating Liverpool’s 800th Birthday this year as one of the city’s most enduring brands.

The Alternative Investment Market (AIM)

Launched in 1995, AIM is the world’s leading market for smaller, growing companies from all over the world. Since its launch in 1995, thousands of companies have chosen to join AIM, creating a unique community of innovative and entrepreneurial companies. AIM’s success is built on a simplified regulatory environment which has been specifically designed for the needs of smaller companies
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