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Key Facts42 acres, 40 individually designed buildings, 6 districts, over 1.6 million square feet of shopping
Site area
42.5 acres 17 ha

Total development
234,000 m2 2.5m ft2

154,000 m2 1.65m ft2

21,500 m2 230,000 ft2

600 units

Car parking
3000 (of which 2100 are new)

Open space
2.2 ha

Department store 1(John Lewis)

22,300 m2 240,000 ft2

Department store 2(Debenhams)

17,200 m2 185,000 ft2

Hotel 1 (landmark)
270 rooms

Hotel 2 (budget)
107 rooms

Permanent jobs

Construction jobs

Construction costs and fees
£500 million

Investment value

Completion Date
£920 million


TimelineFirst part of the Paradise Street Development Area Project will be opened in 2007 for Liverpool's 800th birthday celebrations. Main part of the site will open in time for Liverpool's European Capital of Culture year in 2008
Liverpool First "Common Ambitions Statement"

April 1999
Council resolution to bring forward comprehensive redevelopment based on the Paradise Street Area

October 1999
Potential Development Partners short listed

March 2000
Grosvenor selected

April - September 2000
Master planning in consultation with Stakeholders

Autumn 2000
Public Meetings

January 2001
Planning Application submitted

May 2001
Public Exhibition

October 2001
Planning Application amended to reflect Consultations

November 2001 -February 2002
Public Inquiry into UDP and Walton Application

May 2002
Secretary of State’s Decision about UDP

September 2002
Secretary of State’s Decision about Walton Application. Planning Committee Decision about Grosvenor Application

November 2002
Secretary of State decides there is no need to ‘call in’ Grosvenor Application

December 2002
Council and Grosvenor sign Development Agreement

Planning Authority approves Grosvenor Planning Application

Autumn 2003
Agreements with Anchor Tenants

Negotiations with Existing Property Owners and Occupiers

Public Inquiry into Compulsory Purchase and Road Closure Orders

Spring 2004
Detailed design of major works starts

Archaeological investigations and enabling works

Autumn 2004

Main building works start

Autumn 2005

Main letting campaign starts

Spring 2006

Topping-out ceremony

Autumn 2006

Retail Academy Opens

Spring 2007

Planting of Landscaped Areas

Autumn 2007

First part of PSDA Opens as part of Liverpool’s 800th Birthday Celebrations

Spring 2008

First public events in PSDA as part of the Year of Culture

Summer 2008

PSDA is complete

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Nice one Maggie

A couple of snippits of info we picked up during last weeks site visit;.......

First, discussions are underway between Grosvenor and Merseytravel about the apparent shortcomings of the new bus interchange. Extra draught screens are being considered also changing the way the interchange operates. At present passengers can only board a bus here, arriving passengers must leave at Duke St then the bus moves empty into the layover area below the Liver St MSCP. This set up is daft and will hopefully change.

Second, the Third anchor store ( site 5A ) may be SPLIT into two units !!

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i think the building on the corner of paradise st and lord st, the one with maccies, PSDA show room, gamestation etc should be knocked down and rebuild as something else. make it look more complete

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Bling Bling revealed (partly)

This is another of those I was never too sure of (everyone should take a leaf from Woody's book here, not to rely too much on images and renders) but having seen the part that is revealed, I think this building is fantastic. It's so unusual and different but not too overpowering of Hanover St. I feel sure that everyone who sees it will love it, it was certainly turning peoples heads this morning. My only concern is how will it weather?? I would think it needs to stay shiny.

The new crane down by the Strand, I think that makes 12 for PSDA.


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Bling bling ..... I wasn`t really sure what I was expecting with this one - but I like it for it`s touch of the `Avant-Garde`.....

Good one Doug (as usual) :)

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Of all the buildings in PSDA that Ive seen, this is the only one that is a "statement". The others look functional, which is no bad thing in itself, but I hope to see more original designs like this...

At least 3 other unique buildings to give a bit of spice to the development.

Liverpool + Urmston
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Bloody Hell, I Love Herbert. erer the Building

Doug Roberts said:
Pie, I think when the rest of this revealed people will love it.
I am knocked out by those shots , its bloody marvellous, I must save my pennys and get HERBERT to snip off a few of my grey hairs, he seems a nice boy, I guess the interior will be just as flambouyant
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