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Liverpool Sea Odyssey

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Few shots from the first day of the Liverpool Sea Odyssey at the pier head !

more to come tomorrow ! :cheers:
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Cheers for the pics kenny, I am looking forward to seeing them on Saturday
Nice pictures! I seen the little girl today at Everton park. There's a picture of her on a boat, on the daily mail site. Anybody know why she was travelling on this and not walking?

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Great pics,im hoping to catch some of the show this weekend.
A few from this morning. Pics don't do it justice. Magical stuff.

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I've just got back from this, and it's absolutely amazing. If you haven't been, make sure you do, as like the spider, this will be something people will be talking about for years, and you don't want to miss out.

The girl and the dog are brilliant, but the sheer scale of the uncle is something to behold, as it towers above you, with feet the size of a small car. It's not just about giant puppets walking around though, it's about the little bits too. From the dog wagging its tail when it gets stroked, to the young girl squatting down and answering the call of nature in the middle of Moorfields (yes, really), so much thought has gone into this.

I know people in certain quarters baulk at the cost in a time of austerity, but seeing literally tens of thousands of people lining the streets, all enjoying our city, shops and restaurants (and no doubt hotels too) full to bursting, it's easy to see why it's money well spent.
my lad just text me, he said town is booming,
his train going in was packed out.
Apparently the man from Ismay family didn't like the girl giant having a piss. He thought it was disrespectful. Oh well. She wouldn't have done it if his ancestors hadn't sunk the Titanic. I'm going tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it.
I wasn't far from you Joe,I was on the station steps and I was on a ledge about forty foot away behind Xolo.
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