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Another problem with this weird new format, is that there's isn't even really a skybar in it for general nonsense. Where for example would I be expected to place the below story? I'm not going to set up a new thread for it. Once I've posted this, it will be just about the only thing on here that should be in a Skybar. Almost all of the rest should be in the main forum.

Anyway, I bring you a Skybar Story. Aki's back!!!!! :runaway:

‘Muscles man' Aki arrested again Jun 28 2007

by Luke Traynor, Liverpool Echo

A LIVERPOOL man notorious for touching strangers’ muscles was arrested on suspicion of breaching his sexual offences prevention order.

Akinwale Arobieke, 46, was today in custody after being arrested by police.

The Toxteth man was accused of approaching a man in St George shopping centre, Preston, at noon on May 24.

He is said to have commented on the size of his biceps and then touched them without permission.

The alleged victim made a complaint to Lancashire police who referred the matter to their colleagues on Merseyside.

Arobieke was arrested at his home in Devonshire Road days after the alleged offence and was charged.

Last October Arobieke was given a sexual offences protection order to monitor his behaviour.

The ruling was overturned in February by a judge at Liverpool crown court who branded it “draconian”.

But police successfully appealed against that decision and the order remained in place.

Arobieke was arrested on sus-picion of breaching the order and was remanded in custody when he appeared before Preston magistrates on June 11.

He will next appear before magistrates in Preston on July 9.

Arobieke, who has never been convicted of a sex crime, was last year banned from St Helens, Widnes and Warrington.

He was jailed in 2003 on 15 counts of harassment and one of intimidating a witness.

He had pursued his teenage victims for 3½ years, forcing them to let him feel their biceps and making them bend over while he leaned up against their backs.

B4mmy - stickify this thread, please

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You are missing the point, The Beacon IS the skybar. The old Liverpool Skybar has been replaced by this sub-forum.

The article you posted below should have become a thread. If you bury it in linear format, as soon as people post other articles on top of it, it will disappear.

The Beacon is a way of posting this stuff and keeping the comments together in the same thread, rather than hopping and skipping around.

Like I said to you, if you are unhappy you should pm me, this section has been created after much consultation and there is a sub-forum thread that explains how we got here.

I can of course allow anarchy to reign, and you can do whatever you like to do, and if you persist I am happy to resign and you can do this yourself.

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