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Livingstone - near Mosi-oa-Tunya | Zambia | City Gallery

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Livingstone Museum in Zambia

The Zambezi Sun Hotel

The Royal Livingstone

"High Court of Zambia" in Livingstone

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haha yup any one got any info on the 2 5star hotels proposed for the area??
Zambia approves hotel project near Vic Falls

LUSAKA - Zambia has given the green light to a scaled-down hotel development in a national park near the famous Victoria Falls world heritage site despite opposition from environmentalists, a government official said yesterday.

The country's Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ) said it had allowed the project to go ahead on condition that it not include the 450 villas and golf course originally planned by the developers, Legacy Holdings Zambia Ltd.

"This is in view of the fact that the park is too small to accommodate these facilities without disturbing the ecological balance of the area," ECZ spokesman Justin Mukosa said in a statement.

Mukosa said the ECZ wanted Legacy Holdings, a subsidiary of Legacy International Group, to redesign its proposed US$260 million project on the fringes of one of Africa's longest rivers, the Zambezi, close to Victoria Falls.

Environmentalists, who argue the project would damage wildlife, have threatened to ask the courts to block the project, which, as presently envisioned by the government, would lead to construction of 480 rooms near the Musi-O-Tunya park.

The national park, which measures 66 square kilometres and is home to elephants, black rhinos and other animals, is popular with tourists due to its proximity to Victoria Falls, one of the biggest draws in southern Africa.

Officials say the project will create 2 000 new jobs, attract an additional 150 000 tourists to this country of 11,5 million and put an extra US$170 million per year in foreign exchange in Zambia's coffers.
Here's an Article ( I couldn't find any renders or pictorials):eek:hno:

A belated thanks K! Here are a few more that will up this thread.

Royal Livingstone hotel

A room in the Zambezi Sun hotel

Airport terminal at Livingstone
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Very nice town. I remember going to Mosi-oa-Tunya while I was there, I thought my ears would explode.
Lion Walk

Victoria Falls Down

Victoria Falls Down

Climbing down the falls

Livingstone Bridge


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The National Park contains the western half of the Victoria Falls, and the Zambezi River for several kilometers (km) below the falls. The falls are the most significant feature of the park, and when the Zambezi is in full flood (usually February or March) the falls form the largest curtain of falling water in the world (hence the African name 'Mosi-Oa-Tunya' - the smoke that thunders).

The National Park of Victoria Falls is a world heritage site.

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Reaching the first balcony and all is wet around. The odor of the land, the vegetation, the water that is everywhere make this experience unique and powerful.

This balcony is not really exposed, you are still protected.

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