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Birmingham has gone from 66% Labour to 67% Labour.

Interesting how brummies really seem to have voted for the status quo on this one.

Contrasts to Sandwell and Wolverhampton, each gaining a couple more Labour seats.

Interesting stuff. Strange that there really was very little change in the region considering the state of politics more generally.

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Birmingham - Lab Hold - 67 Lab 25 Con 8 Lib 1 Grn

Coventry - Lab Hold - 40 Lab 13 Con 1 Ind

Dudley - NOC - 35 Lab 35 Con 1 Ind 1 UKIP

Sandwell - Lab Hold - 70 Lab 2 Ind

Solihull - Con Hold - 32 Con 11 Grn 4 Lib 2 Lab 1 Ind 1 UKIP

Walsall - NOC - 30 Con 26 Lab 2 Ind 2 Lib

Wolverhampton - Lab Hold - 51 Lab 9 Con

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As for Birmingham, the 69 new wards were voting yesterday for the first time to elect 101 councillors.

(2) Wards with two councillors elected.

The twenty wards with large Labour majorities and the Conservatives second -
Alum Rock(2),
Brandwood and Kings Heath(2),
Bromford and Hodge Hill(2),
Glebe Farm and Tile Cross(2),
Gravelly Hill,
Handsworth Wood(2),
North Edgbaston(2),
Shard End
Soho and the JQ(2),
Sparkbrook and Balsall Heath(2),
Stockland Green(2),
Tyseley and Hay Mills.

The nine wards with large Labour majorities and the Liberals second -
Balsall Heath West,
Bordesley and Highgate,
Bordesley Green,
Bournbrook and Selly Park(2),
Small Heath(2),
Ward End.

The ward with a large Labour majority and an Independent second -
Hall Green North(2).

The ten wards with small Labour majorities and the Conservatives second -
Bourneville and Cotteridge(2),
Kings Norton North,
Kings Norton South,
Pype Hayes,
Sutton Vesey(2),
Weoley and Selly Oak(2).

The two wards with small Labour majorities and the Liberals second -
Garretts Green.

The twelve wards with large Conservative majorities and Labour second -
Bartley Green(2),
Hall Green South,
Highter's Heath,
Sutton Four Oaks,
Sutton Mere Green,
Sutton Reddicap
Sutton Roughley,
Sutton Trinity,
Sutton Walmley and Minworth(2),
Sutton Wylde Green.

The six wards with small Conservative majorities and Labour second -
Allen's Cross,
Castle Vale,
Frankley Great Park,
Perry Common,
Rubery and Rednal.

The four wards with large Liberal majorities and Labour second -
Perry Barr(2),
South Yardley,
Yardley East.

The ward with a small Liberal majority and Labour second -
Yardley West and Stechford.

The ward with a large Green majority and Labour second -
Druid's Heath and Monyhull.

The three wards with split results -
Acocks Green(2) 1 Labour 1 Liberal,
Harborne(2) 1 Labour 1 Conservative,
Longbridge and West Heath(2) 1 Conservative 1 Labour.

To sum up,
Labour won 42 wards (64 councillors), the Conservatives won 18 wards (23 councillors), the Liberals 5 (7) and the Greens 1 (1) and 3 wards having split results (3 Labour, 2 Conservative, 1 Liberal).
Total 67 Labour 25 Conservative 8 Liberal 1 Green.

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Very interesting that Druids Heath elected a Green councillor. I’ve always associated Greens with more affluent areas.

Voting Green would make sense as a protest against brexit, but I would think Druids Heath work be a brexit supporting area.

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Druids heath is a tired estate, it’s seen next to no investment, the housing stock and tower blocks are in poor condition and I believe I once read they are the only post war large estate to not see redevelopment

Add to that the poor results and closure of Baverstock academy school

I think people are just fed up and felt a change was needed or seen the Green Party as a sort of protest vote to get attention

Will be interesting to see if they get attention now...

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I think Aston may have also absorbed some slightly new areas in the boundary changes with a different political make up.

The Green in druid's heath makes perfect sense.

He ran a grass roots, strong campaign as a political outsider. A green can run a guerilla campaign almost anywhere depending on the climate they need to adapt to.

They've taken poor wards, wealthy wards, brexit wards, remain wards up and down the country. It's all about the local campaign.

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There was some bad news yesterday.

Gareth Moore got re-elected in Erdington. :cry:

But ....... Fiona Williams lost her Acocks Green seat.

I don't like wishing people bad luck but these people shouldn't be on Birmingham's planning committee. Bromsgrove yes, Birmingham no.
That said, I wish her all the best in whatever she decides to do.
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