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Local lexicon

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I'm getting a bit sick of building project names like TriBeCa and upper west side and crap.

Can anyone think not just of some names, but a bank of good names that reflect local culture?

Would you name a project Lygon? Or Coonawarra? Or Glenelg Place? Or Tewantin Waters? Or whatever.

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Not exactly suitable for naming of development, but of interest:

Meanings and origins of Australian words and idioms

This section contains a selection of Australian words, their meanings, and their etymologies.

I was fixated with Melbourne CBD naming earlier today and was wondering if society in general know of King William and Queen Elizabeth, let alone Matthew Flinders, Colonel Collins or even Viscount Melbourne.

I think a naming convention based on our history could work well in defining Australianism, but how does the tradition of naming places after figures of note transfer to today? Would you want to name our outer suburbs or new inner-city developments after more recent State, Federal or Defence leaders? How would we feel about living in outer burbs named 'Kennett' and 'Cosgrove' or a new tower named in honour of 'Bjelke-Petersen'?

Matthew Flinders, alike many other early Australian explorers named an area from a uniqueness in its geography or local flora and fauna. Would the emerging Melbourne suburb of Tarneit be better suited as 'Flatland'? It still works just as well in my books. Tarneit was in fact named from the indigenous language, a language of which that offers a uniqueness to this country's own lexicon.
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Canberra of course named suburbs this way. I think Prime Minister Melbourne is long forgotten.

It would be nice if Melbourne and other cities precincts had more genuine names, like Sydney with The Rocks or Barangaroo. Docklands Is genuine but boring, while "waterfront city" or "Yarras edge"are just bullshit. At least E-Gate is real!

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No more indigenous names please.
How would we feel about living in outer burbs named 'Kennett' and 'Cosgrove' \
There is a new suburb in Townsville which has been named Cosgrove.
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