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Logic & highrises in suburbs like Evanston

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Regading the proposal for a 50 storey building in downtown Evanston, don't Evanstonians and other suburbs that may face high rise construction within their downtowns or neighborhoods need to use logic to reduce fears for what such structues mean for their future?

A 50 storey building (o.k., it's only 49) will not open the flood gates for similiar structures. The market will not support a total makeover of downtown Evanston into a sea of high rises. A building such as the one proposed for Fountain Square would, if built, continue to stand out in the skyline for years and years to come. It will have no effect on spawning other new developments around it that would alter Evanston's image of itself; in fact such a structure might actually slow down the number of projects in the downtown area since it would take a while to absord all the new space.

What Evanston gets out of the new building, if built, is more of an Eiffel Tower type of thing: one structure reaching to the sky that serves as a symbol for the city without seriously altering the landscape around it.

Evanstonians need to reasonable about the ability of even their albeit prospering downtown: Evanston is not the Chicago Loop nor Midtown Manhattan.....and never will be. So're still part city and part suburb...and the suburban part you wish to retain isn't going anywhere.
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