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London 2006: Crane City?

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Does anyone have a list of all the projects that are supposed to start 2006? The thought of so many cranes is mind-boggling
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Well heres a quick list of what has cranes up already or will have soon- none really tall (apart from lime st & ropemaker)but big office schemes non the less.

Cardinal Place (victoria)
More london (3 buildings going up)
Royex house
Austral House
Ropemaker Place
51 Lime St
124 Bankside

Ones that should hopefully start this year
201 Bishopsgate
St Georges
Ontario tower
The Stock Exchange reclad should happen later this year.

Will they need cranes for this though?

I think they will use some sort of scaffolding rather than cranes.
2006 could see the following all uc -
st georges wharf
columbus tower
broadgate tower
110 bishopsgate
beetham london
6-8 bishopsgate
Manchester will remain crane city. ;)

We've got 40 of them in the city centre alone right now!
The stock exchange reclad wont use cranes. They will probably use the same method that is being used to reclad CIS.
If we're awarded the Olympics they'll be even more.
I really hope we do get the Olympics, the transformation of the East End will be amazing!
London has got way more than 40 cranes. Looking at the White City redevelopment while driving on the A40 there must have been at least 6 of them.
Heron probably won't be going up in 2006 and I think Minerva is unlikely, but Ontario Tower definitely will... cranes should be going up soon. Neither Beetham or DIFA have even been submitted yet, so don't count chickens! 201 probably will if it gets approved.

Stock Exchange has a new-build element which will need cranes.
Also 1 Millharbour.

Anything likely to happen on Wood Wharf next year?
Britannia said:
Stock Exchange has a new-build element which will need cranes.
Any idea how long the reclad will take?
you were optimistic about minerva a few weeks ago jon, anything changed?
I'm still optimistic, I just think there is less certainty than there is for other schemes. Minerva have obviously said what they've said, but it's the only City tower I don't know a timetable or intention for, hence my caution.
Glad to hear that the stock exchange is being reclad. It really needs it.
London's crane count must run to a couple of hundred at least. Kings Cross/St pancras and it's environs have more than a dozen. Other large projects with at least half a dozen are white city, Ashburton Grove, Wembley and ctrl at stratford. A housing project at Old Ford in East London has four fair sized cranes plus smaller ones.
Cross any bridge in central London and you'll see cranes working on all sorts of sites.

By the way has any one noticed that cranes tend to be painted white these days where as in years gone by they tended to be mainly bright red. Any Ideas?

Also noticed that part of a crane has been erected on the waterfront at Battersea power station.
Britannia said:
Heron probably won't be going up in 2006.
I agree: Norton Rose will not be moving out to More London before 2007.

Britannia said:
I think Minerva is unlikely
I agree: Major pre-let or prelets are required + joint venture. It may take some time. Aon, KPMG, BT, State Street, Standard Chartered are some tenants with massive office requirements. Fingers crossed.

Britannia said:
Ontario Tower definitely will
I agree. The building is almost completely sell off. Regarding 1 Millharbour, I would say a start is likely in late 2006.

Britannia said:
201 probably will if it gets approved.
By the way, are you working with DP9, the agent in charge of this scheme, for you to be so well informed? British Land already has pp for the low-rise development they proposed some years ago and they are keen to develop the revised one if approved without prelets as Gothic said. As far as I know, BL does not have any other substantial schemes to develop in the short-term (122 Leadenhall won't start before 2009) and they have a very low vacancy rates.
Cabman said:
By the way has any one noticed that cranes tend to be painted white these days where as in years gone by they tended to be mainly bright red. Any Ideas?
Probably the colours of the company developers hire them off have changed or they got taken over or something like that?
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