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London 2006: Crane City?

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Does anyone have a list of all the projects that are supposed to start 2006? The thought of so many cranes is mind-boggling
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London's crane count must run to a couple of hundred at least. Kings Cross/St pancras and it's environs have more than a dozen. Other large projects with at least half a dozen are white city, Ashburton Grove, Wembley and ctrl at stratford. A housing project at Old Ford in East London has four fair sized cranes plus smaller ones.
Cross any bridge in central London and you'll see cranes working on all sorts of sites.

By the way has any one noticed that cranes tend to be painted white these days where as in years gone by they tended to be mainly bright red. Any Ideas?

Also noticed that part of a crane has been erected on the waterfront at Battersea power station.
I was thinking maybe white cranes are less obtrusive on the skyline but I didn't know if that was the reason.
lyonsdown said:
Probably the colours of the company developers hire them off have changed or they got taken over or something like that?
So at least a couple of hundred could be a little conservative.
How about squillions of cranes?
dronkula said:
And don't forget that other small development happening in west London. What was it again? Something about a new terminal for quite a big airport...:)

The next phase of the development in Greenwich should also be kicking off next year. While the actual inside of the dome want use cranes (for fairly obvious reasons....) the new buildings on the outside will....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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