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I am very pleased to let you know about an exhibition I am hosting next to the Olympic Park at 313, 417 Wick Lane entitled "Bricks and Steel: London's Industrial East in Upheaval", presenting a series of works by my great friend Gerd Sedelies.

The exhibition has been developed over the past 3 years during the period of construction of the Olympic Park and reflects an industrial district in dynamic transition.

We would very much like to welcome members of the forum in the event they are visiting the park to take a look at the works.

I am really unbelievably excited about the Olympics coming to London in just a few weeks time and it is clear from this forum that many share my enthusiasm. I was lucky to be in Singapore when the announcement was made that London had won and attended the after-party, which was one of the most amazing nights ever. When I moved back to London, I lived next to the Olympic Park and walked along the Greenway everyday to get to work, seeing breathtaking progress on an almost daily basis. That gave me the idea to commission Gerd to develop a series of works.

Look forward to welcoming any forumers to the exhibition!

Link to the Facebook Event:
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