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London: BEST OF Phototour

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Believe it or not, I took 100 photos of London yesterday, and because of that, I am going to present the city in 3 different parts, the BEST OF, Richmond Row/Woodfield, and Western Fairgrounds/Old East London. I took all these pictures on April 4, 2005, when I was in London, and I am presenting the "BEST" of London here...

Covent Garden Market

John Labatt Centre

Middlesex County Building

"Founding of London" Plaque

Museum London

1st Hussars Museum and Forks of the Thames Park

Thames River

Plaque, hey my town's FAMOUS! Mitchell is mentioned here!

Skyline from the city's nature/bike trails

Children's Museum (I went here a lot when I was a kid, was a neat museum)

Skyline from Wharncliffe Road

Labatt Memorial Park (this was a home to the Detroit farm team back in the 1980s and 1990s)

Drink Nightclub (one of London's best music venues), saw a Billy Talent show there

Harris Park from Riverside Drive

The ugliest building ever built... at least Lucky 24 thinks that... and so do I

Ridout Street Architecture

The famous Eldon House

Nice old houses on Talbot Street, near Talbot Centre

Modernness on Dufferin and Talbot, the building on the left was just completed (condos)

Cathedral Church

DAMN SCHOOL BUSES! The Grand Theatre

London Life Building

Around Victoria Park

Centennial Hall (London's old Performing Arts Center)

Nice homes near downtown

And folks, you're gonna get two great skyline shots...

coming soon... Richmond Row, Historic Woodfield, Western Fairgrounds and Old East London
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see in the sixth picture down, at the splash park how the sign only says LOND. sweet eh?

i bet the city would love to know the wereabouts of those letters.....ha ha ha
you like the couthouse better than one london place?

the only thing wrong with it is that theres no street level retail and the base doesnt meet the sidewalk, its a nice tower though
the courthouse has no street level retail either, because its the courthouse, but only the three story base is nice, the tower sucks (in my opinion)
london is definatley more of a city, it is very centered around downtown, and most dense development is focused in the core, while the sprawl circles around the city very evenly. i think it feels bigger because of that. there is no long continuous built up area that is made up of sperate centers with sprawl attaching them. in the future as the population increases and the downtown gets more built up, london has the potential to be a very nice big city, one of canadas best, and i just dont see this happening in kitchener.

i would imagine kitchener densifying in many small areas which will make for very nice urban pockets in a sea of sprawl but there will be no large urban center where the focus of development will be wich means in the long run kitchener and waterloo will fight over the things that would make the city great i.e. arenas, theaters, large scale developments, transit hubs and so on. this means that neither downtown will be a huge destination, but will stay more small-townish

just my thoughts, fell free to correct me
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