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there are so many tower blocks / estates in london, yet its so hard to find any images of them on the internet! here is a small selection of council estates ive managed to find :) some of these images are old, some new :

Broadwater Farm Estate : ("The Broadwater Farm Estate in Tottenham hit the headlines on the 6th October 1985 after a ferocious night of rioting which resulted in dozens of casualties and the murder of PC Keith Blakelock.")

The Brandon Estate, Southwark :

Alton West Estate, Wandsworth :

Churchhill Gardens Estate, Pimlico :

Elmington Estate, Camberwell :

Cobbett Street, Clapham Rd :

Golden Lane Estate :

Totteridge House, Wandsworth :

Dragon Estate, Brentford :

Trellick Tower, Notting Hill :


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and some more :

Various Towers about London, i do not know the names of all of these, so many! :

blocks in Lambeth :

Stockwell blocks :

unknown blocks from bus :

various location unknown :

Burgess Park, South London :

Stonebridge Estate NW London :

Alton Estate West Roehampton :

Wapping blocks :

estate in Peckham, South London :

blocks in Hackney :

Holy Street, Hackney :

East London blocks :

council flats in tower Hamlets

various :

low rise block West London :

tower in SE London :

Kensal Green Estate, West London :

Kier Hardy housing estate shortly before demolition East London UK :

block in Whitechapel :

South London towers :

Walworth block :

estates in Clapham :

London Kidbrooke Park Estate :

inner city block :

Holly Street :

isle of dogs blocks :

Clapton Park Estate, Hackney :

tower blocks reflected in the river lee hackney :

Swiss Cottage estate :

South Kilburn Estate :

estate in Bow :

Dagenham council estate :

Nightingale Estate Hackney, known for its drug related violence :

High rise housing estate in London at sunset :

tower blocks with rainbow :


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Looks like eastern Europe.

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perhaps this is a side of london some dont want people to see, but its there all the same.

of course some parts of london have more of this type of housing than others, some parts are almost all this kind of housing, but what you have to remember is london is such a massive city, and overall many of these projects are more a less spread out all over the place.

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i read london is the 3rth most dangerous place in the world after LA and another city i forgot. 400 shootings in the first 4 months of 2005, in south london only. If i see the pics im not surprised. Such concrete and depressing places simply cant be a nice place to live in. Actually, im quite shocked.

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Nevertheless, very good collection of pictures to prove that commieblocks were not exclussive to ex-commie countries. Also, at the time they were built, I reckon they didn't look that bad. Now what led to this level of degradation, what social processes, it is yet to be found.

Athens has seen an abundance of lowrise construction during the 1960's and 70's but I guess, what contributed to social stability is that even if the social fabric was breached, the family was there to prevent slippage into the depths of social exclusion. But that was not always the case...

In any case, that's a very interesting collection of photos, thanks for posting and sharing :)

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Also, some pictures of Alton Estate, Roehampton. A friend of mine has been a student in the Roehampton institute and lived close to the estate which was completed in the late 1950's as part of a Corbuzean-style urban regeneration.

Watch the brutalist style, common in the vast majority of the projects undertaken at the time...

Archival picture of the Alton Estate, 1958


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im_from_zw038 said:
i read london is the 3rth most dangerous place in the world after LA and another city i forgot. 400 shootings in the first 4 months of 2005, in south london only.
I doubt that very much, the murder rate in London is fairly low, especially when you consider that there are cities like Baghdad in the world.

There are only about 1000 murders per year in the whole UK, I think London has about 200 of those, only a small portion of which are gun related. I would think this compares fairly favourably to similar sized cities such as NYC, LA, Paris, Moscow, Istanbul, Cairo, Sao Paulo, Rio, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Mexico City, Karachi, Bangkok etc

Having said that around 70% of UK gun crime happens in just three areas, Greater London, West Midlands (Birmingham and surrounding area) and Greater Manchester. These areas together contain only 20% of the population.
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