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London Bridge Tower - the "Shard of Glass"

Height: 310m | Floors: 72 | Architect: Renzo Piano | Developer: Sellar Property Group

Links: Forum thread | Official website | Renzo Piano Building Workshop | SkyscraperNews listing | Station redevelopment

  • This landmark tower will be the first building in the UK to break the 1000 foot barrier. It will be nearly twice the height of the Gherkin,
    and one of the tallest buildings in Europe.
  • London's first truly "mixed use" tower, the floors will be divided into a mixture of residential, office, hotel, retail and public space.
  • Following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the tower was structurally redesigned to improve stability and reduce evacuation times.
  • The tower went through a lengthy public inquiry. It was approved by the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, on 19th November 2003.
  • The total cost of the project is in excess of £1.2bn and includes major refurbishment of the neighbouring train and bus stations.
  • The tower has two main tenants lined up - Shangri-La Hotels, who will be occupying floors 34-52 - and Transport for London who will
    take some of the office space.
Current Status:
Demolition of Southwark Towers is underway, with initial piling expected to start in January 2009. Click here for the
complete schedule.
Financial issues plagued the tower for years, but were recently resolved. Four Qatari banks have taken an 80% stake
in the project (buying-out both CLS and Simon Halabi) and Mace are in negotiations for a fixed-price construction contract which is
expected to be concluded by September of this year.

Bishopsgate Tower - "The Pinnacle"
The City

Height: 288m | Floors: 63 | Architect: Kohn Pederson Fox | Developer: Union Investment Real Estate AG (formerly known as DIFA)

Links: Forum thread | Bishopsgate Tower promotional video (23mb) | SkyscraperNews listing

  • At 288 metres, the Bishopsgate Tower will form the centrepiece of London’s financial district. It will be over 100 metres taller than
    the City's current tallest building, Tower 42.
  • Plans for a tower on this site have been around since 2002. A previous design by Helmut Jahn was scrapped following concerns over
    the base and crown, and its effect on views from Fleet Street. The revised design - by architects Kohn Pederson Fox - is more
    sleek and elegantly proportioned, and is intended to complement the neighbouring proposals such as the Leadenhall Building.
  • A planning application was submitted in June 2005. A revised planning application with a 19m height reduction was submitted
    and given final approval in April 2006. In November 2006, the developers secured funding for the project from Arab Investments.

Current Status:
Demolition is nearing the final stages, full funding has been secured, and it is confirmed that the tower will be built speculatively.
However, a construction contract has yet to be resolved. If this goes ahead, then basement construction is expected to begin in
the summer, with completion of the tower in 2011.
The full planning report for the tower can be accessed by clicking here.

Heron Tower
The City

Height: 246m (202m roof + 44m spire) | Floors: 47 | Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates | Developer: Heron International PLC

SSC thread | Skanska project page with news updates | Mayor Ken Livingstone's comments | Architects' project description

  • Following concerns from English Heritage about its impact on St Paul's and other historic views, Heron Tower was put through
    a public inquiry. The inquiry ruled in favour of the developers, and the tower was approved on 22nd July 2002 by the Deputy
    Prime Minister, John Prescott. He agreed with the planning inspector that no significant harm would come to the setting of
    St Paul's cathedral and that some marginal impact on heritage interests was "inevitable with any major development".
    He acknowledged that the tower would be "an elegant, graceful and well proportioned structure" and would contribute to the
    overall supply of office accommodation in the City, as well as boosting the economy.
  • The scheme includes an additional smaller tower of around 100m, immediately adjacent to the main building's north side.
    This is Heron Plaza and will include 250,000 sq ft of retail space.
Current Status:
Under construction! According to Skanska, piling work is now underway on site. The core and superstructure are
expected to begin rising in November 2008. For more information see the construction schedule.

Riverside South
Canary Wharf

Height: 236m and 189m | Floors: 45 and 37 | Architect: Richard Rogers | Developer: Canary Wharf Group

Links: Forum thread | Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners - project detail | SkyscraperNews listing - tower 1 | SkyscraperNews listing - tower 2

  • Due to the global credit crunch, it is unclear when Canary Wharf Group will proceed with this development.
  • The tallest tower was given a height increase, making it structurally taller than 1 Canada Square (but shorter by AOD height).
  • In terms of floorspace, this will be the largest single office development in Europe - over 3 million square feet.
Current Status:
Approved in summer 2004 and given a height increase in April 2007. Groundwork is underway. Click here for the construction schedule.

The Leadenhall Building
The City

Height: 225m | Floors: 48 | Architect: Richard Rogers | Developer: British Land PLC

Links: Forum thread | Official website | SkyscraperNews listing

  • This tower is designed by Richard Rogers, the man behind Lloyds of London, the Dome, and the Pompidou Centre in Paris.
  • Despite its height, the building has a relatively small amount of floorspace (500,000 sq ft), due to its unusual profile
    which means the floorplates gradually decrease the higher up it goes.
  • The base will feature a 90 ft high atrium, extending the public area of St Helens and providing shelter from the elements.
  • Glass lifts will carry employees up the outside of the building, similar to those on the Lloyds Building only twice as high.
  • Click here to view the full planning report from the Corporation of London.

Current Status:
Under construction. The previous building is still being taken down. However, piling and basement work
has started on the new tower, meaning construction proper has officially started.
British Land recently
confirmed they will build it speculatively. Click here for the latest newsletter.

North Quay
Canary Wharf

Height: 216m/203m/120m | Floors: 44/38/18 | Architect: Cesar Pelli | Developer: Canary Wharf Group

Links: Forum thread | Cesar Pelli website | listing

  • This trio of towers would be situated on a 7-acre site at the northern edge of the Canary Wharf estate. Previously known
    as "Shed 35", the site was sold to Canary Wharf Group with planning permission for a mixed-use development.
  • In total, the North Quay scheme will provide over 4 million sq ft of floorspace for retail and offices.
  • Development is likely to take place after the completion of the Churchill Place and Riverside South districts.
    However, there could be further delays in the form of Crossrail (see below).
Current Status:
Approved, but could be delayed until 2017 or even later. The main problem lies with Crossrail, part of which is going
to run directly underneath the towers.

1 Park Place
Canary Wharf

Height: 197m | Floors: 45 | Architect: Unknown | Developer: Grattan Property Company Ltd

Links Forum thread

  • This major office tower was revealed in early 2008. Despite the credit crunch and the impending financial crisis,
    the developers hope to start work in early 2009 if the tower is approved.
  • It will stand just to the east of the Riverside South towers.
  • The tower's height is 191m to the roof, but includes a facade overrun going up to 197m.
Current Status:
Submitted for planning permission in April 2008.

Heron Quays West
Canary Wharf

Height: 198m/147m/95m | Floors: 33/21/12 | Architect: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners | Developer: Canary Wharf Group

Links: Forum thread

  • This trio of office towers would be built to the immediate west of the Heron Quays buildings.
  • Together, they would add nearly 200,000 square metres of internal floorspace space to the Canary Wharf estate,
    including the largest trading floors in Europe (7,962 sq m, compared with 6,673 sq m for the current record holder in the City).
Current Status:
Approved in March 2008. Work could possibly begin on or before 31st August 2008 (this is unconfirmed).

St George's Wharf Tower

Height: 181m | Floors: 49 | Architect: Broadway Malyan | Developer: St George

Links: Forum thread | Broadway Malyan | Official website | SkyscraperNews listing

  • If built, this would be the tallest all-residential tower in the UK and one of the tallest in Europe.
  • Energy efficiency is one of the project's most important features. The structure is topped by a wind turbine, which
    will power the common lighting. At the base, water will be drawn from the London Aquifer and heat pump technology
    will be used to remove warmth from the water in the winter to heat the apartments. The tower will require one-third
    of the energy compared to a similar building and CO2 release will be between one half and two-thirds of normal
    emissions. It will be triple glazed to minimise heat loss and gain, with low ‘e’ glazing and ventilated blinds between
    the glazing to further reduce heat gain.
Current Status:
Approved, following a controversial public inquiry. The developers have indicated that work will start in Q3 2008.

100 Bishopsgate
The City

Height: 165m | Floors: 40 | Architect: Allies and Morrison | Developer: Great Portland Estates

Links: Forum thread | SkyscraperNews article

  • This tower would stand on a site immediately to the south of the Heron Tower. If viewed from Waterloo Bridge, it would be
    obscured by Tower 42.
  • Construction is unlikely to start until 2011 (see below).
Current Status:
A planning application was submitted by Great Portland Estates in September 2006. This was approved in April 2007.
However, the current site lease runs until 2011.

Broadgate Tower
The City

Height: 164m | Floors: 35 | Architect: Skidmore Owings and Merril | Developer: British Land

Links: Forum thread | Site tour | Webcam | Official website | SkyscraperNews listing

  • Unlike most of the other projects, this sailed through the planning system and was one of the largest speculative builds
    ever seen in the City, adding over 850,000 sq ft to the Broadgate estate.
  • The tower was topped out in May 2007, becoming the 3rd tallest building in the City.
Current Status:
Under Construction. The building will be completed in July 2008.

1 Blackfriars Road - "Mirax-Beetham Tower"
Southwark SE1

Height: 163m | Floors: 52 | Architect: Ian Simpson Architects | Developer: Beetham Organization

Links Forum thread | Exhibition photos and information | SkyscraperNews listing

  • Originally proposed at 70 floors/220m, this has twice been reduced in height, and the footprint has shrunk.
  • A public viewing gallery will be located on the top floor, offering stunning views across the capital.
  • The building will feature a 6-star Jumeirah hotel and luxury apartments, each with their own internal conservatory space.

Current Status:
Despite two height reductions, and approval from the council in December 2007, this was sent to a public inquiry
in March 2008, so the project is now threatened with being cancelled altogether.

Northgate Tower (Bishops Place)
Hackney/City border

Height: 161m/126m | Floors: 51/35 | Architect: Foster & Partners | Developer: Hammerson

Links: Forum thread | Technical drawings | Petition to save the Light Bar | SkyscraperNews listing

  • This is a major mixed-use scheme on the City/Hackney border, immediately adjacent to the Broadgate Tower.
  • It would involve the demolition of a historic pub, the Light Bar, which has been strongly opposed by local residents and CABE.
Current Status:

20 Fenchurch Street - the "Walkie Talkie"
The City

Height: 160m | Floors: 36 | Architect: Rafael Vinoly | Developer: Land Securities

Links: Forum thread | Official website | SkyscraperNews listing

  • This is replacing a 91m tower from the 1960s and involves a very lengthy demolition process.
  • Opinions are very divided on this tower's unusual design. Following criticism about its height and impact on the views
    of St Pauls Cathedral, it was reduced by 9 floors from 45 to 36. The full planning report can be accessed here.
Current Status:
Following a public inquiry (the 4th London skyscraper to go through this process), this was approved in July 2007.
Demolition is now underway. However, it is unclear whether Land Securities will proceed with the construction,
due to uncertainty in the markets.

Croydon Gateway Landmark Tower
Croydon, South London

Height: 155m | Floors: 35 | Architect: Michael Aukett Architects Ltd | Developer: Arrowcroft Group Ltd / Croydon Council

Links Forum thread | SkyscraperNews listing

  • A major redevelopment for Croydon, with over 1.6m sq ft of primarily office floorspace that would see the borough's
    first proper skyscraper and a large arena built near the station. In January 2007, Croydon Council initiated the
    compulsory purchase of land on the site.
Current Status:
Approved. Due to ongoing legal issues, it is unclear when construction will start.

Crossharbour - "Baltimore Wharf"
Tower Hamlets

Height: 150m | Floors: 45 | Architect: Skidmore Owings & Merrill | Developer: Ballymore Properties Ltd

Links Forum thread

  • This major residential development would stand to the south-east of the Canary Wharf cluster.
  • It has gone through a series of design changes, at one point being proposed at 170m. This latest version is 150m.
  • It will contain 330 flats, plus retail units at ground level.
  • The development includes some neighbouring low-rise buildings, in addition to the main tower.
Current Status:
Approval has been granted for an earlier, 131m design. This new 150m version was proposed in April 2008 and is awaiting planning permission.
Construction has started on the neighbouring low-rise buildings.

Merchant Square

Height: 150m | Floors: 44 | Architect: Perkins & Will | Developer: Paddington Development Corporation Limited

Links Forum thread | Official website

  • This residential development, planned for a site on Harbet Road in Paddington, will contain a total of 223 apartments,
    68 units of which are affordable housing that will occupy the lowest ten floors of the scheme.
  • Several other buildings are planned as part of Merchant Square, ranging in height from 49-66m.
Current Status:
Planning permission was granted for buildings D (52m) and E (63m) in May 2007, and for buildings C (66m) B (65m) and F (49m)
in June 2007. The tallest building (150m) was approved in July 2007, and work is expected to begin on site in 2008.

Other Projects (various)

This includes all 'midrise' buildings under 150m. Also listed are any other schemes worth mentioning, such as long term projects,
towers in pre-planning, or rumoured but unconfirmed schemes. Projects highlighted in red are under construction. Here they are,
in descending order of height:

  • Battersea Powerstation Tower. This huge redevelopment now includes a 300m tower. A planning application is expected in 2009.

  • Columbus Tower. A massive hotel and residential scheme for a site just outside the Canary Wharf estate. It already has
    full planning permission but is currently on hold. 237m/61 storeys.

  • Whitgift Centre redevelopment. A major redevelopment of this prominent site in Croydon, South London. The developers have
    hinted at a possible 60-storey tower.

  • Wood Wharf. A major expansion of Canary Wharf that will extend the cluster east. The project will feature a mix of residential
    and commercial towers of varying heights, including one of 206m/60 storeys.

  • Bishopsgate Goods Yard. Ballymore are planning a major redevelopment of this prominent site, at the northern edge of the City.
    Early indications are that it will include towers of 200m+ and a number of surrounding midrises. This could form a cluster with
    the Broadgate Tower and the Northgate Tower.

  • Vauxhall Cluster. In addition to St George's Wharf (already approved - see the main summary), there are potentially three other
    similar-sized towers being planned for the area. These include Squire and Partners' twin tower Vauxhall Cross scheme,
    London and Regional's Vauxhall Bondway Tower and possibly another skyscraper at Nine Elms Lane.

  • Cherry Orchard Road Towers. A series of four towers for East Croydon including a 160m skyscraper.

  • Sugar House. A major development for Stratford which includes a tower similar in appearance to 122 Leadenhall.
    Early indications are that the height will be 159m/40 storeys.

  • 30 Marsh Wall. A possible 50-storey residential tower for Canary Wharf.

  • Broadgate Centre redevelopment. British Land have plans for a massive redevelopment in this prime location next to
    Liverpool Street station, potentially adding over 1.2 million square feet of floorspace. The leases on some of the buildings
    in the Broadgate Centre are due to expire in the next few years, and space is rapidly running out in the estate. Taking advantage
    of changes in the viewing corridors to St Paul's cathedral, they have hinted at the possibility of much taller buildings on some of
    the existing sites, perhaps as high as 150m/35 storeys. These new offices would join the Broadgate Tower literally next door.
    Any construction is unlikely to start until the next property cycle in 2011-2012, however.

  • Pan Peninsula Towers. Two of the tallest residential buildings in the UK, just to the south of Canary Wharf. Both towers
    have topped out. 147m/48 storeys and 122m/38 storeys.

  • Strata (formerly the Multiplex Tower). This residential tower was approved in March 2006 as part of the Elephant & Castle
    redevelopment. It will stand 147m tall. Construction started in December 2007.

  • Minerva Towers. Minerva are planning a "new urban quarter” for Wandsworth on the site of the former Young’s Ram brewery.
    The ERP-designed scheme will comprise 700 flats spread across two residential towers of 39 and 29 storeys and
    a mix of low-rise homes, restaurants, shops and a microbrewery. Height of the taller tower would be 146m.

  • The Leaf. A possible 40-storey residential tower for Ealing, West London. The architect is Foster. Roof height is 120m,
    but the tower includes a spire taking its total height to 143m.

  • 22 Marsh Wall - "The Landmark". A pair of major residential towers for the Docklands, located on the south-western
    edge of the cluster, opposite Riverside South. 140m/44 storeys and 98m/30 storeys.

  • 151 City Road. Will Alsop has designed a striking, colourful tower for this prominent site just north of the City, which could be joined
    by a neighbouring midrise called Eagle House. Developers are Enddora Holdings. 140m/43 storeys.

  • Doon Street Tower. A residential tower for the South Bank. Previously 168m, but reduced in height following complaints from
    English Heritage. Approved in August 2007, but called-in for a public inquiry the following month. New height is 140m/43 storeys.

  • New Providence Wharf Building C. Ballymore are planning a neighbour for the Ontario Tower. Designed by Skidmore,
    Owings & Merrill, it will be 136m/44 storeys. Groundwork began in November 2007.

  • Wellesley Square. Berkeley Homes are planning a major residential tower for Croydon, designed by Rolfe Judd. Work is expected
    to start in April 2008. Height is 134m/44 storeys.

  • London Park Hotel. First Base won planning permission in September 2007 for a Rogers-designed residential tower near Strata.
    Height is 134m/43-storeys.

  • 20 Blackfriars Road. This project consists of two towers: a 98m office building and a 133m residential building. Approved in January 2008.

  • 150 Stratford High Street. A major residential tower proposed for a site near the Olympic stadium. Began construction
    in February 2008. Height is 133m/41 storeys.

  • 100 City Road. Originally rejected for being too tall, the developers have now lodged an appeal. 131m/39 storeys.

  • 25 Churchill Place. This KPF-designed office tower was given a height increase in May 2008. It will now be 130m/23 storeys.

  • Stratford City Tower. Part of the masterplan for the area includes a 40-storey residential tower, revealed in September 2007.

  • Clapham Junction Towers. A £400m transformation of this major transport hub which includes twin residential towers of 127m.

  • Lots Road, Chelsea. Two residential towers, one of 122m/37 storeys and another of 85m/25 storeys. The taller tower
    was originally planned at 99m, but was given a height increase and has now been approved. The shorter building,
    originally planned at 130m, has now been reduced in height, and is approved. The developers were embroiled in a
    dispute with a local NIMBY, but eventually got through the legal process, and the towers now have full approval.
    Demolition began in early 2008.

  • News International, Wapping. The headquarters of News International will feature two towers - one of 122m/27 storeys
    and another of 56m/12 storeys. These will stand mid-way between the City of London and Canary Wharf.
    The council is still considering a planning application, originally submitted in 2003 but updated in 2007.

  • Trafalgar Way Towers. A pair of residential towers designed by Make, at the northeast corner of the
    Canary Wharf estate. They will link the Ontario and Quebec towers with the main cluster and Wood Wharf.
    Heights will be 122m/35 storeys and 104m/29 storeys.

  • Newfoundland Tower. Possible 37-storey hotel/residential tower for Canary Wharf, on a site bounded by Park Place,
    Westferry Road and Heron Quays Road. Approximately 120m.

  • Elizabeth House redevelopment. 3 new midrises for Waterloo, adjacent to the station. Heights are 117m/107m/90m.

  • Convoy's Wharf. A trio of 3 residential towers in Greenwich, all of which are approved. The tallest
    will be 116m/40-storeys, but its AOD height will be significantly higher, at 148m. The other towers
    will be 91m/32 storeys and 72m/26 storeys respectively. Architect is Richard Rogers.

  • Islington City Basin Towers. Two towers with heights of 115m and 90m have outline planning permission for a site
    in Islington, North London. Construction was expected to begin soon. However, the scheme was called in
    to face a public inquiry.

  • Arrowhead Quay. A Docklands office development being planned by Ballymore. 114m/26 storeys.

  • Milton Court. Heron International, in partnership with Berkeley Homes, are planning a major residential tower for the City.
    This will stand on a site immediately adjacent to Citypoint, adding to the emerging cluster around Moorgate. 112m/35 floors.
    Demolition began in December 2007.

  • Walbrook Square. A major redevelopment of a prominent site between Cannon Street and Bank stations which will see
    the demolition of Bucklersbury House, one of the City's ugliest and most notorious concrete groundscrapers. In its place will
    stand four individual buildings connected by a new public square and 'historic' pedestrian routes, along with an exhibition space
    displaying the remains of the Roman Temple of Mithras. In total, this massive development will contain almost a million square feet
    of floorspace and will feature buildings of 106m, 71m, 67m and 66m. This development will be very visible from Waterloo Bridge.
    The project received approval in July 2007 and demolition is now underway.

  • 100 Middlesex Street. A midrise tower that will stand close to the site of Minerva and will help to stretch the City skyline
    northeastwards. This was approved in May 2004 as an office tower, but has now been proposed as a residential tower instead.
    This has seen a very slight roof height reduction, but an increase in the number of floors and will now be 105m/34 storeys.
    Construction is underway.

  • Pioneer Point North. This pair of residential towers, the tallest in North London, will stand near the Olympic stadium.
    Construction got underway in early 2008. The tallest is 105m/31 storeys.

  • Eagle House. A mixed-use tower for Old Street/City Road, just north of the City. Approved in April 2006. Architect is Terry Farrell
    and the developer is Groveworld. Height is 104m/34 storeys.

  • East India Dock Road Development. After the successful launch of the Elektron Tower scheme, Barratt Homes have
    another new project for a site just over the road. This consists of a series of post-modernist yellow apartment blocks,
    the tallest of which is 101m/38 floors.

  • Royal London Hospital Towers. Major new hospital for Whitechapel, East London. 101m/18 storeys.

  • Millharbour Residentials. This new development is proposed right next door to the Pan Peninsula towers. It consists of
    six interlinked towers of various heights, the tallest being approximately 100m/30 floors.

  • 125 Old Broad Street (Old Stock Exchange Tower). A complete recladding of the previously concrete-faced tower.
    It will enhance the view of the cluster from Waterloo Bridge, giving a fresher and more modern look. 100m/26 storeys.

  • Reuters Blackwall Yard Redevelopment. Another project designed by Squire and Partners which includes a residential
    tower of 98m/29 storeys. The development has been approved and will be located near Canary Wharf.

  • Gypsy Corner Tower. Hamilton Associates are planning a 30-storey residential tower for Acton, West London.

  • Waterloo Trilogy Tower. Willingale Associates have plans for a 30 storey tower - dubbed Waterloo Trilogy Tower - on the
    corner of Waterloo Road and Baylis Road, near the London Eye.

  • Ropemaker Place. Bulky midrise for the City which will stand literally next door to Citypoint and Moorhouse. Resubmitted
    for a 3rd time by British Land, construction is now underway. The height is fairly significant at 96m/23 storeys
    but the effect on the skyline will be minimal due its bulk and massing.

  • 33-35 Commercial Road. A new residential tower, designed by Burland TM Architects for a fringe site just to the east of
    the City of London. It will provide accommodation for 750 students in a smoothly tapering block with an interesting
    lighting scheme around the crown. 95m/36 storeys

  • Ailsa Waterside. Mixed-use development in the Lower Lea Valley which includes 800 new homes in a cluster of towers.
    The tallest is around 95m/30 storeys.

  • Indescon Court. Mixed-use buildings to the south of the main Canary Wharf cluster. The tallest will be 95m/30 storeys.

  • Skylon. Originally seen at the Festival of Britain in 1951, there are now plans to resurrect this 90m structure.

  • Croydon College Vocational Tower. Mixed-use scheme, approved in February 2007, will become the tallest building
    in Croydon, unless Croydon Gateway is built sooner. 88m/29 storeys.

  • "Baby Shard" (a.k.a. New London Bridge House). As part of the Shard London Bridge development, Irvine Sellar plans to
    demolish New London Bridge House and replace it with another midrise. The first proposal was for a 600,000 sq ft
    office building of 88m, which was approved. A second design was then submitted for a shorter building of 74m.
    In July 2007, this too was approved. It remains to be seen which option they will go for. The current leases expire in 2009.

  • Goodmans Fields. A residential scheme planned for a site just to the south of Aldgate. Includes a tower of 86m/27 storeys.

  • Trinity One, Two and Three. A series of three mixed-use buildings planned by Beetham for a massive site
    on Minories, in the Aldgate area. Heights are 85m, 60m and 45m. The tallest will feature an observation deck
    and public cafe on the top floor. The scheme was given final approval in January 2008 and is expected to
    be completed by 2014.

  • Altitude 25. New residential midrise. It will become the tallest building in Croydon, South London. 82m/26 storeys.

  • Swiss Cottage Station Tower. Manchester developer Pervaiz Naviede is planning a tower of up to 25 storeys in north London,
    after buying a landmark site above Swiss Cottage Tube station from CIT.

  • Alberta House. New residential tower that will join both Ontario Tower and its neighbour to form a mini-cluster to the east
    of Canary Wharf. This is approved, and confirmed to be starting construction soon. Height is 82m/24 storeys.

  • 100 West Cromwell Road. Multiplex/Tesco are planning a tower for a site on Cromwell Road / Hammersmith Flyover,
    overlooking the tube from Earls Court to Olympia in West London. 82m/24 storeys.

  • 30 Crown Place. A wide, glassy office tower is planned for Shoreditch, just to the north of the City, near Broadgate.
    It was approved in February 2006. Architects are Horden Cherry Lee, and the tower's height will be 81m/19 storeys.

  • Elektron Towers. Developer Barratt Homes is constructing a large housing scheme along Aspen Way,
    opposite the Millenium Dome. This will feature three towers ranging in height from 73m to 81m.

  • Orchard Place. Ballymore are planning a huge mixed-use scheme on the Leamouth Peninsula in the Docklands.
    This began construction in July 2007 and consists of 10 towers ranging in height from 44-80m/14-26 floors.

  • 1 Mitre Square. Another new midrise from Helical Bar, planned for EC3 in the City. Architect is Sheppard Robson.
    It was recently confirmed that construction will start in 2008. Height will be 80m/19 storeys.

  • Chesterfield House. New midrise being planned for Wembley, North London. The design is similar to Moorhouse.
    It has been approved since 2001 and is yet to begin work. Height is 80m/19 storeys.

  • No.1 The Gateway. A new residential tower which will stand to the northeast of the main Canary Wharf cluster.
    The developers are Galliard Homes, who have several other large projects in the works. The planning application
    can be accessed here. Height is 79m/25 storeys.

  • 1 Commercial Street. A new 79m office tower for the eastern edge of the City. Groundwork is underway.

  • Aldgate Union. A massive groundscraper under construction on the eastern edge of the City. In total, it will contain
    nearly 600,000 sq ft of floorspace. The 2nd phase will include a tower of 79m/17 storeys.

  • Victoria Towers. As part of the regeneration taking place in Victoria, Land Securities are developing a cluster of office towers.
    Originally proposed at 160m, this project has been scaled down considerably, following concerns about the impact
    on Westminster. The tallest building is now around 79m.

  • 252-385 Alie Street. Hamilton Associates have submitted planning proposals for a new 76m/25 storey energy-efficient tower
    in Aldgate. The building will have 287 apartments including affordable housing, plus retail units at ground floor.

  • Oakmayne Plaza Towers. 3 residential towers for Elephant & Castle, which will join the nearby Multiplex and First Base towers.
    Groundwork is getting underway. The tallest will be 76m/23 storeys.

  • Regents Place Tower. British Land are planning a 76m office tower for a site near Euston Station. The architects are Wilkinson Eyre.

  • Great West Quarter. This project, part of the urban regeneration of the Great West Road Corridor, comprises the
    redevelopment of the old Smithkline Beecham H.O. brownfield site into a new large mixed use residential development.
    The project, to be completed in 2010 over a number of phases, will provide in excess of 750 private and affordable
    residential units. The developers are Barratt Homes, and the tallest tower will be around 75m/25 storeys.

  • Project Bankside. A trio of residential towers for the South Bank, close to the Tate Modern. These were approved in
    early 2007 and funding has been secured. The tallest tower will be around 75m/24 storeys.

  • 32-42 Bethnal Green Road. A residential tower for a site just north of the Bishopsgate Goods Yard. 74m/25 storeys.

  • Drapers Gardens redevelopment. New 74m midrise to replace a 100m tower from the 1960s. This was the tallest demolition
    ever carried out in the UK. Construction of the new tower began in December 2007.

  • Dashwood House. This midrise near Liverpool Street station is getting a reclad and a height increase, to 73m/17 storeys.
    Work began in February 2007 and is scheduled for completion in 2008.

  • 399 Edgware Road. New 72m residential tower, approved in November 2006.

  • 30 The North Colonnade. This is one of several new midrises for Canary Wharf, the others being built in nearby Churchill Place.
    It will contain 320,000 square feet of office floorspace, most of which has been let to Fitch Ratings and KPMG. The top of the
    building overlooking Canada Square and Churchill Place will feature a double height winter garden. Construction is getting
    underway soon and completion is scheduled for late 2010. Height is 71m/17 storeys.

  • New Court. Merchant bank Rothschild's new headquarters for the City. 70m/14 storeys.

  • Potters Fields. A cluster of 8 towers, resembling Daleks, that would be built on the green space currently situated between
    Tower Bridge and City Hall. The tallest would be 69m. They are facing massive opposition by local residents and the council.

  • 82 West India Dock Road. Containing a mixture of apartments and offices, this will stand to the northwest of the Docklands cluster. 69m/21 storeys.

  • 120 Fenchurch Street. A massive, bulky office development similar to Plantation Place. Originally proposed at 130m+,
    it will now be 69m/14 storeys.

  • 4 Mastmaker Road. A pair of residential towers, to the south of the main Canary Wharf cluster. Construction is underway.
    They will be 67m/22 storeys and 58m/19 storeys respectively.

  • Ability Place, also known as 31-39 Millharbour. A residential development that will stand close to the Pan Peninsula Tower.
    Construction started in January 2006 and the height will be 67m/22 floors.

  • Wandsworth Road Development. A new residential midrise for Wandsworth Road, SW8. Height is 65m/21 storeys.

  • Arsenal Stadium Residential Towers. A cluster of 5 residential towers ranging in height from 8-21 storeys.

  • 64-74 Mark Lane. New office tower, adjacent to Fenchurch Street station. It is being built speculatively and demolition is underway.
    The developer is Schroders Exempt Property Unit Trust (SEPUT) and the architects are Bennetts Associates.
    The sloping glass roof will provide skygarden access on a number of floors. Height is 63m/17 storeys.

  • 15 Canada Square. This scheme is the last of the plots on Canada Square in Canary Wharf to be developed. KPMG - one of
    the "big four" accountancy firms - have now been secured as tenants, taking almost 600,000 sq ft of floorspace in one of the
    largest office deals of recent years. Construction is underway.

  • 240 Blackfriars Road. Great Portland Estates are planning a redevelopment of this prominent site on Blackfriars Road,
    with a striking new 15-storey office tower containing 130,000 sq ft of offices with ancillary retail and residential accommodation
    in a separate building. This tower is approved, and demolition is getting underway.

  • The Stratford Eye. Also known as Maryland Works Redevelopment. A new 19-storey tower being built as part of
    the regeneration of Stratford. 58m/19 floors.

  • 72 Fore Street. New office scheme adjacent to Moorgate station. Approved in February 2008. Height is 56m/13 floors.

  • 5, 10 and 20 Churchill Place. A trio of enormous groundscrapers being built around the Barclays headquarters in Canary Wharf.

  • Vantage Metro Central. New residential tower for Elephant & Castle. 50m/16 floors.

  • Bezier Apartments. A pair of striking residential towers for Old Street/City Road. Heights are just under 50m.

  • Westminster Bridge Park Plaza. A 16-storey luxury hotel with 1,037 suites, along with business lounges, executive meeting rooms,
    a ballroom, 2 restaurants, a brasserie, bars, health spa, gymnasium and indoor pool. It will also feature one of London's
    largest conference rooms. It replaces an ugly groundscraper on a site virtually opposite Big Ben. Groundwork is underway. 44m/14 floors.

London Skyline 2012 - all clusters in one view

The panorama below shows every planned cluster from West London to East London. All of the major tower projects can be seen here.

Discussion thread:


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I don't suppose other developments, not necessarily of a great height but of architectural interest or significant importance to London could be added here too?

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At the end of the last London Development projects thread, I asked whether the aviva tower could still be demolished. Can they still do so? I hope not because I like the tower too much.

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According to the 20th Century Society (who are perhaps one of the few, or only!, organisations to oppose 122 Leadenhall) it is not listed. Therefore its pretty much fair game for redevelopment - though its recent modernisation and substantial size suggest it would be rather a waste to redevelop.

After saying that, just googling brings this up...

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Moon clock for 2012 wins funding

11 February, 2008

By Eleanor Goodman

Giant clock powered by Thames tides has secured funding for next phase development in East London

A “moon clock” powered by tides and set for construction near the Olympic Park has got funding for the next stage of development.

The Aluna moon clock will be made of three giant concrete rings and powered by Thames tides using turbines.

The light on the rings will show the phase and position of the moon and the height of the tides. This interaction of light will be called “Alunatime” and will move around the structure in a clockwise direction. It could also help predict flooding.

The sculpture is set to be located on the East India Dock basin and could generate enough power to light nearby homes.

It will be made from recycled glass and steel and will be 13m high by 40m wide.

Work will be part funded by a £85,000 contribution from the London Thames Gateway Development Corporation (LTGDC), the Mayor of London's office and Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd, in partnership with the Renewable Energy Systems Group.

The funding will allow the team to refine the design and investigate the proposed site next to East India dock, which is south of the Olympic park.

Nicky Gavron, London's deputy mayor, said: "Aluna is an innovative and imaginative project to build the world's first tidal powered moon clock in London. It would provide a unique landmark in the Thames Gateway, creating a focal point for the community and a new visitor attraction. We must make sure this excellent plan becomes a reality."

The team is now looking for developers and financiers to fund the next stages of the project.

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As was posted a few weeks ago, there are a number of temporary lighting schemes on landmarks around the Thames Pool area. I had a bit of a wander around last night and took a few photos. Apologies for the quality, I really must get a tripod!

No need of captions for any of these!

The last one is from a local landmark that is inexplicably not yet regarded as a tourist destination, the car park on Bermondsey Street! :D


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will these be permanent night schemes? because i think they've done a brilliant job and it really lightens up the thames, they should really consider doing alot more of these, its an awesome effect seeing lots of lights reflected on the river.

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British Land shrugs off £1.4bn value hit
Published: 13 February 2008 10:05 Author: Alasdair Reisner More by this Author Last Updated: 13 February 2008 10:05

A bullish British Land has said it will ride out the conditions that saw it mark down the value of its property portfolio by 8.9 per cent, but warned that rivals may not be so fortunate.
The developer, which is behind some of the largest office schemes under construction in the City of London, has been forced to slash £1.4 billion from the value of its properties because of a downturn in the commercial sector caused by the global credit crunch.

But this week head of developments Nigel Webb said the downturn will not affect progress on projects it currently has on site.

Mr Webb said rival developers might be masking their true financial position and would consequently feel the pain.

He said: "There will undoubtedly be development casualties in the current downturn. I think some of the people who say they are going to build out may not do so because they are facing cost inflation.

"They are also finding it hard to raise the debt and the economics are looking worse than they did 12 months ago".

British Land's major projects under way include the £286 million Leadenhall Building being built by Bovis Lend Lease and the £220 million Rope-maker Place scheme managed by Mace.

Elsewhere in the capital Mr Webb said the firm was anticipating securing planning permission for North East Quarter from Camden Borough Council in north London within the next three months. This is a mixed-use scheme of 38,000 sq m of offices and more than 170 residential units.

Mr Webb said no decision had yet been taken about whether to proceed with the scheme once planning had been given but that the firm was minded to do so.

He added that a planning application for the redevelopment of Euston Station will be submitted in mid-2009 with work set to start in 2010.

"A 22-storey tower designed by Rogers Stirk & Harbour at 4 Broadgate in the City will be submitted by January next year."

Outside the capital, Mr Webb said British Land will submit designs by architect Hamilton Associates for the £160 million redevelopment of the NatWest Tower in Birmingham next month.

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The greatest summary thread of any city on this entire site.

Amazing, must have taken hours of work.
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