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London, Ontario, Canada: Lack of cool buildings

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So, here's a diagram of tall buildings. The small blue one is the tallest building in down town London:

I thought it was funny when put in perspective.
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Is it air conditioned? If so, it's cool enough ;)
One London Place is a great building for a city of London's size. Compare it to other Canadian cities under a million:

hahaha, funny comparison.

but yea, I would really like to see some taller buildings, especially one taller than OLP
I didn't mean to be insulting, but that's just plain dumb.

Ya, let's compare buildings from cities of 10 million people to that of a town 1/30 that size.

So anything under 50 stories isn't cool eh?

How about airplanes that go less than a hundred million zillion mph? Are they not cool either?

Jeez, lighten up! It was a joke dude! :eek:hno:
Wow, it's like comparing a tall human being to a mid-sized dinosaur. Or something like that. :) Interesting comparison.
It's neat because even when I'm near One London Place, it looks massive.

I just can't imagine how it would feel standing near the ex-WTC or the Sears Tower :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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